Wednesday, January 30, 2008

At least I'm not...

...writing Star Trek fanfic.

So, you people that I gave Aiden manuscripts to, how are ya liking it so far?

As I said on the Knowing Andrew website, I have reached the point when I really need to decide if continuing the story is worth the amount of time that I'm putting into it. Relatively speaking, it doesn't take that much of my time out of the week. But it does take a lot of my writing time out of the week. Also writing energy if that makes any sense to you. But! According to the word on the streets, practice does make perfect, so is it worth it, even though I don't have that many readers? Possibly. Thoughts?

I hate writing trite things, and if I have to try to force it with Aiden, I just won't write. Getting nothing done is better than the alternative in this case.

I went to a workshop on etiquette. It was very interesting actually. Presented by the Purdue president's event coordinator, Anthony Cawdron. From England, he's got a Master's in hospitality and something else, and worked as a butler in days past. He teaches a class on campus as well. And he's a really funny guy.
I learned to always pass the salt and pepper together, how to get people through a receiving line quickly, how to hold a glass, hors d'ouvre plate, fork, and napkin while still keeping a hand free for shaking, and how to subtly let restaurant staff know that I am in charge of a business situation, even if I am the only female at the table.
Also how to keep a man from inadvertently crushing your fingers when you shake hands, though that's not something I've ever really had a problem with personally.
It's actually pretty riveting stuff.

~ "Now I'm beginning to regret laying Nale..." ~
~ Angel Hair

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


~ "Dude, just ask her out already! You like her, she seems to be okay with you...What's to lose?"
Robert rolled his eyes in unadulterated exasperation.
"Edwin Winger, we have been over this and I refuse to have this conversation again. I have my reasons, and you've heard most of them-"
"They're stupid ones," Ed muttered.
"You've heard most of them, and quite frankly I don't care if you don't like them. It's not you I'm trying to please. Do you think you could just back off a bit?" With a scathing look Robert turned away and headed for the door.
"Well then just who are you trying to please Rob?" Edwin called after him. "Cause it sure seems to me that you're something short of gleeful." Robert executed an about face and came back to stand in front of Ed without ever slowing. He leaned in close and spoke slowly, enunciating each syllable with painful deliberation, as if assuming the worst about Edwin's intellect.
"This is really none of your business. This is what I like to call "my business". Now I asked you to back off." There was silence for a long moment while the two men stared at each other. Edwin spoke.
"Alright already, I'll back off!"
"Good," Robert said.
"But I think you're making a mistake." Edwin murmured under his breath as Robert began to turn his back again.
"You're not really so much backing off, as not backing off!" snapped Rob.
"Okay, I'll exercise amazing levels of super-human restraint and I really will keep my thoughts and feelings all to myself. It'll be hard, but I'll give it my best. My lips are sealed. I'm done trying to convince you. I won't say anything else. Consider my opinion null and void." Robert's face softened a tiny bit and Edwin caught the barest hint of the beginnings of a smile trying to touch the corner of Robert's mouth.
"Thank you. I appreciate your sacrifice to the cause."
Ed waved his hand.
"Oh it was nothing! Anything for a friend," he said. Robert shook his head, and this time, actually did smile.
"Have I told you recently that I think you're a little off? A nice guy, but a little off."
"Yeah, what would you do without me?" ~
~ From the mind of Renee

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oh the humanity...

I'm writing this while I should be doing something else. Hurrah for procrastination!
School's going good. As was the case last year I think that Spanish should probably be the most time consuming overall. My Gender Across Cultures text is actually interesting. What a novel concept. I'm disappointed that I did not get Don Mitchell for philosophy, even though he was listed as teaching it. I heard that he is really good. And that's about all I have to say on that issue.
In other news: I wish I had more time to write. Writing a book is, of course, not even half the job of getting it published, but it'd be nice to finish. I read an article by a fantasy author on writing and he said that the stages of completing a book are these:

You start writing and are full of vigor and inspiration.
You hit a dry spell somewhere in the middle.
You get about half way and feel like it's never going to be done.
You push through that, see the finish on the horizon, get your second wind, and finally draw to a conclusion.

So far I've been pretty textbook.