Tuesday, April 24, 2007

As Oscar Wilde wrote...

..."I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."
Last night when I couldn't sleep I flipped to the very front of my journal (this one started, completely by coincidence, on the first of the year) and began reading through it. First off I was surprised to find that I have a few scenes, a couple of them quite short, that I had forgotten about writing but actually have some, in my opinion, quite good lines in them. Hopefully some time in the near future, now that they have been brought to my attention, I will tweak a few of them into a final draft and post them on here.
Something that I have wondered about is what will become of my journals once I kick the bucket, should they still be in existence. They are not exactly something that I would want just any Tom, Dick or Larry perusing, but I believe that I would like someone to read them. I think we all want to leave a legacy right? Hopefully that won't be the extent of mine, but you know, just in case.
I don't know that they will mean anything to anyone else, but I do hope that they will be treated like what they are, a window into my mind. I also hope that my writing is by now good enough that when someone reads the entries they will hear my voice.
A thought is quite a sacred thing at times.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Things don't go as I plan...

...Which is great cause today was crazy awesome and it was nothing whatsoever like I had planned.
While I was at work Benji messaged to suggest taking advantage of the gorgeous weather and playing outside for awhile. I was hip for that and as it turned out he met me when my shift ended and a short while later we rendezvoused with several of the Fools in Memorial Mall for a bit of frisbee throwing. Tripod is surprisingly good at that. Me and Cowboy also got a chance to showcase our spectacular disk throwing and catching prowess. We've got some crazy moves! The one I'm best at is known in the pro circles as "Missing the frisbee". It's pretty fantastic!
When we'd had our fill of that, we trooped over to the Beering fountain to get wet. And we did. After that it was decided that while we were at it we may as well hit the Engineering fountain as well.
During all this the desire for smoothies spread throughout the group like bubonic plague in Eurasia and hence we made our way across campus to satisfy that urging, thankfully not getting sniped on the way. Something can be said for keeping a constant lookout. Smoothies in hand we ran around the corner for some Subway because they not only allow you to eat fresh there, they encourage it.
After delicious sub sandwiches we parted ways, all satisfied, most still damp at the least, flush with the pleasure of spending three hours in the company of great friends.
Crazy awesome day!

"It's all a problem with body image. My ultimate image is a skinny, geeky, pasty white boy and I have attained that. I am a god in my own eyes!" ~ Tripod

"I'll take what's behind bachelor number two." ~ Kamikaze

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Perhaps tonight I'll sleep again...

~ Each night sleep evades me. I lie awake in the dark and contemplate my exhaustion.
Each afternoon I lie down for a short rest. I read for awhile and when my mind grows sluggish and heavy I pull the cool, sun splashed linen over my head and slip away.
I drift between shadow and light. Floating in and out of dreams mixing with reality.
I wake and worry that I'll not rest tonight either. Worry that this is becoming an addiction of the worst sort.
In my dreams I see shadows of the past. People that I haven't seen for a decade and couldn't name to save my life. A place that I left behind long ago.
My dreams make no more sense then at night, but they are laced with disconcerting familiarity.
Is there reason behind the visions? I wake, not pleased by the joy I take in my mind's vivid chaos, but disturbed by unseen auras and hidden meanings.
Perhaps tonight I'll sleep again.
~ Me again

Friday, April 20, 2007

The fine line between sanity and chaos...

~ Aiden did not visit Hannah Larson often. His consultations with her could be likened to the average person's view of colonic irrigation. Not something you'd want to do everyday, but when you're severely constipated it starts to seem like not such a bad idea.
Aiden had never once elected to come by for a cup of herb tea and a bit of gossip. He was driven there by life events. He was seeing her increasingly often these days. Of the news he'd come to her with in the past, his house exploding was definitely the most exciting. At least more so then the spontaneous combustion of his computer or the disappearance of his car.
Aiden didn't really know why exactly he kept coming here. It's not like she ever did anything that really helped the situation, but she did know what was going on at least. He'd been convinced through his teen years that she had something to do with it. Had some control over what was happening to him. He had thought about murdering her. She'd sent him a letter via a strong gust of wind, telling him it wouldn't do any good. Aiden hadn't slept for a week after that.
Aiden clung to her and despised her all at the same time. And now her incense burners were talking to him.
Aiden didn't spend much time in idle speculation but he took a moment now to wonder what it would be like to find out that his entire life up to this point were actually a dream and to wake up normal in a world where jade dragons remained frozen and inanimate, and the universe was nothing more then a benign, abstract concept.

He realized to late that he had once again missed everything that the dragon said. He saw movement behind the beaded curtain and was aware of someone making their way down the dim, narrow passageway, probably, to collect him.
Without pausing to actually think it through Aiden came forward, leaned over the shelf and hurriedly gestured to his pocket. He was a little surprised when the dragon actually seemed to understand and jumped unquestioningly into it just as Ted Patterson reentered the crowded shop front and beckoned silently for him to come along.
Aiden felt his stone companion, heavy and cold, move about against his chest, finally settle himself comfortably, and then lay still.
Aiden followed Mr. Patterson into the dark. ~
~ I made this!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Recognize the beauty...

~ Closely guarded, fraught with doubt.
She waltzes through time with indefinable joy.
A breath of lavender, the colors of wildflowers.
Afraid of the future, glad to leave the past, she makes her way.
She touches with unbreaking loyalty, she questions with the heart of a child.
She laughs like she's never felt pain, she looks to herself for strength.
A good life is made up of tiny moments of pleasure.
The past isn't everything.
Recognize the beauty.
~ From the mind of Renee

Monday, April 16, 2007

Yes, men can fake it...

~ "You know, as much as I love your mom and the touchingly co-dependant relationship you two share, I'm gonna have to turn you down on the dinner offer. You see I've got this thing. This motto if you will. It's "Start fraternizing with crazy people and you'll become one too." Sorry, I make no exceptions, though if I did...well, I still wouldn't go out with you, especially if that old bag that you, to put it delicately, sprung from the loins of, was around. Now if there's anything else I can help you with, anything at all, you just be sure and give me a jingle, ok? I'm serious now, don't you hesitate, just pick that phone right up and call me, I'll always have time for you in my life."
Leanna stared at Jared for a moment. "Are you finished then? Good! Now you listen here! I don't care what the heck you say, you are going with me to that dinner and you will pretend to like me. Goodness knows I've done enough for you, the least you could do is give up one afternoon for a friend!"
Jared stood gazing down at her, expressionless. She didn't move, her face still thrust within inches of his. There was a very long, very pregnant pause.
Jared finally broke the silence with a bored sounding monotone. "I hate you."
"That may well be, but you'd best start brushing up on your acting. I expect you to be completely convincing. It's not to much to ask. I've faked liking you enough."
~ All mine

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A timely exit...

~ Jacob didn't actually mean to smash the vase, but he couldn't swear that it was wholly unintentional either. Looking back on it he could see now that it had probably been a bad idea either way. His uncle's butler was just rounding the corner. Jacob did a quick scan of the room to see if there was any scenery handy that he could melt into. There wasn't. There never is.
"Master Diamon, are you alright?" Jacob could see that the fake concern was just killing the man. He decided to roll with that.
"Oh my goodness! Phillip! I think I may have sprained my wrist trying to catch that vase. What a shame it was all for naught! Such a beautiful piece!"
Jacob added a couple of soft "tsk's" for good measure while he gazed down at the broken shards with as much mournfulness as he would if it had been a small, recently demised child. He cradled his left wrist gingerly.
Phillip raised an immaculate eyebrow. "Really sir? What a pity."
Jacob nodded his agreement and winced convincingly.
"Why don't you nip round to the kitchen and see if Mrs. Dalinger can't fix you up. I'll just clean up the remains of this 17th century artifact shall I?"
"That would be top drawer Phillip." Jacob went for his exit with good hustle, but no more then one might expect from someone belabored by a vase-sprained wrist. He silently congratulated himself. He was pretty good at this. ~
~S'all mine

Yes dear readers, in one fell swoop I have almost doubled the number of characters associated with Aiden! "How does she do it!?" You are no doubt asking yourselves. Well first you need a rubber glove, one of those seat belt protectors, some broccoli, one generic Claritin tablet, a lollipop and a gold anklet...
Wait just a minute, that's the recipe for complex plot line! Anyway, it doesn't matter, what I wanted you to know is that this is part of Aiden's story. So there you go. That wasn't so bad was it?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

It was meant to be funny...

...So at some point (fairly recent) in the long and sordid history of Purdue improv someone made reference to a room in the math building (816 to be exact) which has a perfect view should you want to assassinate our current president, the honorable Mr. Jischke. Joking of course! Fun fact, it started as a different room, possibly 815, until my friend Jamie, who has intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the math building, pointed out that most odd numbered rooms are interior and thus don't have windows, which would make them slightly harder to aim a sniper rifle out of.
Anyway, I was partaking in a bit of IM'ing with Jamie and he mentioned that he didn't know the person currently utilizing that office, one Chin-Yi Jean Chan, a visiting professor. When I heard that bit of info I messaged Jamie right away with what I saw when I thought of how it would be going down that fateful day...

~ Chin Yi closed the door. He'd been planning this day for months now. Setting the black violin case on his desk he flipped open the clasps with what can only be described as relish. He pulled the rifle out and caressed the cold blue steel. Now was the time. Today was his day. He went to the window. The view was perfect... ~

For those of you who don't know, Jamie started a wiki for the Ship of Fools http://scratchpad.wikia.com/wiki/Category:SoF-pedia
On it are a variety of member bios, inside joke explanations, and assorted bits of Fool Lore. On the page for MATH 816 Jamie published my mini story. I think that that is my very first time being published, unless you count my own blog. Either way it's pretty cool. I can't wait for the royalty checks to start rolling in! Does anyone know of a bank that accepts Monopoly money?

Thursday, April 05, 2007

So I'm walking along...

...deep in thought, eyes trained on the ground, meandering to my next class which I have half an hour to get to. I am aware of a presence behind me but think nothing of it. After all, this is Purdue, there's always somebody walking near you. My mind wanders to the dream I had last night featuring all the Fools, Benji's family, fireworks, the ROTC training grounds, a Sergent, a store/restaurant and a girls locker room.
Suddenly I receive quite the shock. Right in my ear, without preamble:
"Little girl!"
To my credit I did not physically jump. My heart skipped a beat or two is all.

To sum up:
Benji + unexpected + "little girl" = CREEPY

On a side note, obviously my power over the universe is growing. I thought of someone and there they were. I feel that the more I practice my mind control skills the better honed they will become. Soon, soon I will wield ultimate domination!

Exchange shouted across Agricultural Mall:
"Benji! I love you!" ~ Kamikaze
"I love you too!" ~ Hallway
"I'll see you again soon!" ~ Kamikaze
"Don't you worry, we'll get that disease cleared up!" ~ Hallway

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One on one...

~ General Reed glanced Sam over with a critical eye. He didn't look any 43, he looked to be in his 50's. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing in this case. Hair already mostly white with a little of it's original light brown throughout. Average height, unassuming build. He looked like the type of man who could blend in if he wanted to. Expert in several of the martial arts, extensive Marine training in demolition, explosives, translating, and human intelligence.
"Mr. Brackshaw, you've been out of the Marines for 17 years. Why are you trying to get into the CIA?"
Sam tilted his head slightly and his lips spread in a rather curious looking smile.
"I'm tired of civilian life General. I want something more. I loved the Marines. I want what I had back."
Reed wasn't sure if that was a good reason or a bad one. At least he had more experience then the last 10 interviewees. All young bucks looking for excitement. If nothing else, Brackshaw seemed to know what he was getting into. His references and skills were better then any that Reed had seen for a while. What the hey, he'd have his assistant run the usual screens.
As soon as that thought passed through his mind, and before he had a chance to say anything regarding his decision, Sam Brackshaw stood and was now shaking his hand. Was the man psychic as well? Perhaps just really good at reading body language.
"Thank you for speaking with me General Reed." He seemed quite confident. Another plus for him.
"My pleasure, we'll call you with any news."
A psychic might come in handy to the bureau Reed thought absently as he regained his chair and watched Brackshaw disappear into the outer office.
He sighed noisily. It would save everybody a lot of time and trouble if Jared were just here to pick out his own partner.
~ Mine

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Friends, Other People, lend me your ears...

...Today is our day! And by "our" I mean "The Fools". It's Fools Day! April Fools Day! Don't know why they listed the month. Perhaps it was the first in what was supposed the be the gradual phasing of all months into "Fool Months". Can't imagine why it didn't catch on...

Anyway! Big news rocked the improvising world this Friday and I, as a bona fide eye witness, am here to tell you all about it.
Our own beloved Sgt. Benji "Hallway" Milanowski, under the guise of a game of 3 things, proposed to his girl Corrie "Stancey" Golando!

I am highly honored to say that I got to have a small hand in it. I was commissioned to be the person to suggest "proposing" as the last "thing".
It was much better the the old skywriter or on-the-board-at-a-ball-game ploy, I'll tell ya that! Way to be Benji. As far as we know it was the first proposal to have taken place during an SoF practice. Very exciting for the rest of us!

So congratulations Stancey and Benji! May Wepwawet and Neith turn their eyes from you and your days instead be filled with the glory of Hathor as Atum and Ra shine favorably down on you and Imhotep, Isis and Wadj-wer watch over you and help you so that you and your blessed union might uphold and indeed become the very essence of Ma'at.

The moral of the story children: Insert felicitous Egyptian deities into your everyday conversations whenever the context allows.