Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'll tell you what I want...

...What I really, really want.
Those of you who know me well may also know that I generally cannot answer the question"What do you want for Christmas and/or your birthday?" easily, nor usually before the second week of December. This year I'm ready! Enter the 2008 Wishlist! Ta-daa!

In no particular order:

*Planet Earth ( ~ $21.00 used from Amazon: , or $35.00 used with The Blue Planet: )

*Down pillow

Printer (cheapest, most basic kind that is made)

*Guitar Theory 4 poster ( ~ $20.00 for large size: )

Second Hand Out - Jeff Spanke

*Any kinetic art (aka perpetual motion toys) ( )

WALL-E DVD (and possibly even Iron Man? I should think about that...)

*Another World - Brian May (~ $6.00 used from Amazon: )

*The Cosmos Rocks - Queen + Paul Rodgers (~ $24.00 new from Amazon: )

*Pre Ordained - Queen (or pre-Queen really) (~ $6.00 used from Amazon: )

Journey music (but not Greatest Hits, I've got that.)

Brian May or Queen t-shirts, posters, etc. gift certificate

Oh gosh, it's a thing of beauty. Just look at that. Look at all those options. Didn't I say I was prepared, Moms? An asterisk means that I want that more than the non-asterisk items. None of this stuff is necessary.

"Please don't choke on your podcast."
~ Jenny