Friday, June 29, 2007

As good as it gets...

~ It was Charlene Farrisworth's job to shush people, and she took great pride in that.
She'd gone to great lengths to become the stereotypical librarian. She'd dyed her hair gray, wearing it in a tight bun on the back of her head. She wore dowdy cardigans and tweed skirts. She wore bulky oxfords and thick glasses which she'd had to have specially made, her natural vision was 20/20. She was madly obsessive about her obscenely obsolete card catalog, going through it at least 5 times a week to check for misplaced or damaged cards.
Her favorite ritual of all though, was the stamping of the "date due" cards. At the front of her desk, in a neat semi-circle, stood all the required paraphernalia. Blank cards, manipulable rubber stamp, a fresh ink pad.
With relish (and taking her time, the patron could wait) Ms Farrisworth would reverently open the pad, double check the date on the stamp, gently ink it and then abruptly, and with a good measure of muscle behind it, brand the numbers on the virgin card. Tucking it lovingly and snugly into the pocket and snapping the book shut Ms Farrisworth would hand it to the patron, take on an almost disdainful tilt of the head and say her favorite line in all the world.
"That will be due back in 3 weeks." ~
~ From my world

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Caffeine is a catalyst...

I spent yesterday evening hanging out with Jenny in the Village Coffee House, sipping a latte and working on the previously stated goal of writing a book. I thought that it went quite well. Seeing our location we felt it necessary (it was Jenny's idea and I am extremely impressionable and emulative) to utilize the same AIM away message that Benji usually employs. Namely: "At the Village Coffee House."
This conversation with Paul ensued (I've left every single typo of mine in for effect. And because if I made a point of editing them out and still missed some, well, that would just make me look stupid.)

captderiv (10:41:10 PM):
joyful zephyr (10:41:07 PM):
At the Village Coffee House.
captderiv (10:41:21 PM):
I'd recognize that trademark away message anywhere
captderiv (10:41:34 PM):
So how'd you h4><04rz Renee's account?
joyful zephyr (10:42:02 PM):
ok, you've figured it out. Benji and Renee are in fact the same person. That is why we have never been seen in a room together.
captderiv (10:42:32 PM):
captderiv (10:42:37 PM):
It all makes sense now
captderiv (10:43:02 PM):
In hindsight, I should've recognized the signs when we were roommates
captderiv (10:43:14 PM):
All the nudity and yogurt was a clever cover
joyful zephyr (10:43:38 PM):
Yup, women and Benji like yogurt
joyful zephyr (10:43:41 PM):
and nudity
joyful zephyr (10:45:35 PM):
It's either that explanation or this one: Benji is my hero and I absolutely worship the ground that he walks on. I emulate his every move and am a this very moment worshiping the chair that he sits at in the Temple of Village.
joyful zephyr (10:45:54 PM):
You can take your pick really.
joyful zephyr (10:46:02 PM):
captderiv (10:47:44 PM):
You'd *like* to pick one or the other, wouldn't you?
captderiv (10:48:01 PM):
When in fact, the answer is... *both*!
captderiv (10:49:31 PM):
What better way to bootstrap your new Benjiist cult?
joyful zephyr (10:50:17 PM):
damn, all my attemps at redirecting your attention are repeatedly foiled!
captderiv (10:51:12 PM):
You can't get anything past me!
captderiv (10:51:19 PM):
Um, except for the Benji/Renee duality.
captderiv (10:51:33 PM):
But I'm sure that's the only exception, ever.
joyful zephyr (10:51:59 PM):
Word on the streets has it that there is a first time for everything.
captderiv (10:52:50 PM):
First time I've heard the streets say that.
joyful zephyr (10:54:16 PM):
oh yeah? They're quite talkative once you get to know them
captderiv (10:55:55 PM):
The streets talking isn't the problem
captderiv (10:56:01 PM):
You can't shut them up half the time
captderiv (10:56:14 PM):
It's just that most of the time they talk about the most inane stuff you could imagine
captderiv (10:56:37 PM):
I've just gotten used to tuning them out, I guess


captderiv (11:13:57 PM):
Apparently I can spell correctly but can't do simple arithmetic anymore
joyful zephyr (11:14:14 PM):
well we all have out moment in the sun
joyful zephyr (11:14:26 PM):
If you're a dog you get one day
captderiv (11:14:43 PM):
But at least that's seven days in, um, dog days
captderiv (11:15:12 PM):
Or is the phrase already adjusted for that?
captderiv (11:15:31 PM):
Maybe every dog only really gets 3.43 hours
captderiv (11:15:43 PM):
But, being a dog, doesn't know any better
joyful zephyr (11:16:11 PM):
And you claim that you've used up your simple arithmetic skills!
captderiv (11:16:34 PM):
I busted out my use-my-computer's-calculator skills
joyful zephyr (11:17:19 PM):
always handy. Especially if you have to survive in the wilderness.
captderiv (11:17:41 PM):
Well, I can program my own calculator, you know
joyful zephyr (11:17:51 PM):
I do know. I saw that blog post!
captderiv (11:17:58 PM):
Building a computer out of twigs and leaves, that's the part I haven't figured out yet
joyful zephyr (11:18:29 PM):
Perhaps with more time to run trials.
captderiv (11:18:57 PM):
I tried submitting another NSF grant application, but they stopped returning my calls
joyful zephyr (11:19:35 PM):
a discourging setback indeed
joyful zephyr (11:20:18 PM):
but let not your heart be downcast! Forge ahead, tread heavily where angels wear hobnailed boots, attempthe impossible!
captderiv (11:20:50 PM):
Who are you calling an attempthe?

Much later still...

joyful zephyr (12:00:38 AM):
I believe that I may post that entire converation that transpired between us on my blog. It highly amused me. I laughed aloud at a few points. Do you mind transcripts of your conversations being randomly posted on small, backwater sites? Check yes or no:

The next day...

captderiv (11:09:51 AM):
( ) Yes (X) No ( ) Buchanan

It made me laugh.
The other day I had a moment of discouragement wondering how the heck I would ever write a book. Was the story premise good enough to expand to novel size and would my making a point of writing cause me to write really badly? Then I realized something. Whether or not this turns out good, I can still say that I wrote a book in the end!
Last night I took the story in a direction that I'd never thought about before. I think it turned out really good and supplied a whole new vein of potential. I really believe that I can do this.
Guess I should go tell Benji that we're the same person now.

~ captderiv (11:32:27 PM):
I never knew high voltage and old lace were interchangeable

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Second stage of grief...

~ Aiden didn't return to his room until much later that night. He was satisfyingly exhausted, wet from the rain that just kept coming, and, for one of the first times in his life, just a little bit drunk.
Unfortunately, he was abruptly sobered when he switched on the lights to find his cat and the dragon sitting on the table, apparently having just been interrupted from a deep conversation.
Aiden stood in the door for a bit, silently dripping, taking in the peaceful, if not common, scene.
"I thought you were leaving." There was no question to it, just resignation. Aiden closed the door, shed his coat and sat on the bed. He leaned forward, maybe swaying just a tiny bit. For some reason he suddenly got the impression that the dragon was sympathetic. It made Aiden a little angry. The dragon shook his tiny head.
"No, no I wasn't actually. Even if I'd wanted to though, how could I? You locked the door."
"There's a lovely balcony just outside that's perfect for jumping off of." Aiden muttered fiercely.
~ I made this.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

It seemed so natural...

Benji asked me if there was anything that I really would just love to do with my life. My answer: "There's lots of things that I'd like to try." Like and try being the key words there. Devote and commit are both terms that I don't seem to be a huge fan of.
I realized that there are some things that I would actually really love to devote myself to. I would love to be a writer. Not like I am now, but a published writer. One making money. To that end, my goal for the moment is to continue working on Aiden's story and try to get that published. Of all my stories I think that that is the one that probably has the most potential as far as my ability to write goes, and has a relatively concise and complete plot line that doesn't exactly require time consuming research. Is it good enough to be published? I don't know. We'll see won't we.
Another thing that I'd love to keep doing is improv. Easy enough while I'm still in school but what about afterwards? Again, will I ever be good enough to really be considered for any kind of professional group?
Thing number three: I believe that I would love to have a coffee shop. Would I like to have to take care of the actual business aspects of it? Maybe not so much.

For now what I'm going to do is dedicate one evening a week to writing. Probably Thursday or Friday. I haven't really decided yet. That added to what I normally write in a week is not a bad amount. Not enough to make a living on obviously, but then I'm not trying to make a living, I'm trying to have a book published.
That being the case I will probably from here on out not be posting everything I write about Aiden. I'm sure I'll not stop entirely, but the things I do post may not necessarily follow one another.
Wish me luck.

A goodbye of sorts...

I found out Thursday that Roger Bennett, singer, song writer and pianist for Legacy 5, died on March 17th. It was a very strange feeling indeed. I believe that the world has lost a good man and an amazing musician. May his gain be as great.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Captain's log - Stardate: 682523573.954751...

As you will know, having read this site faithfully Faithful Reader, I have been using my entrance into class as acting practice. Some days the effort was rendered null by circumstances such as: Arriving to the room before anyone else. The days when I did take on a personality/character I immediately wrote down what I thought my level of success was and perhaps a couple of observations on the technique/audience. The following is an exact transcript of that log.

Thur 5/17 - Business-like - Successful, easy.
Fri 5/18 - Shy - Successful, not incredibly easy, hard not to make eye contact.
Mon 5/21 - Excited Little Kid - Hard to tell, not easy. Sitting down easiest part.
Tue 5/22 - Stealthy - Not very successful, hard to be stealthy in flip flops w/ noisy rolling chairs. However, great contrast from yesterday so still good.
Wed 5/23 - Bored - Moderately successful, drug feet, somnolent look on face, shoulders hunched, sat heavily. Hardly anybody looking!
Thur 5/24 - Confused - Successful, easy to do, paused often and just inside door looking around, took some time to "choose" my seat. The only issue, freaking people aren't looking much!
Fri 5/25 - Aiden - Successful, very easy, not extremely overt, but neither is he.
Thur 5/31 - Belligerent - Moderately successful, not easy. Banged things, stomped, wasn't sure what facial expressions to do. Got attention due to noisiness.
Fri 6/01 - Jared - Easy, mostly successful. Had to talk to someone and that encroached on the masculine believability.
Tue 6/05 - Librarian - Successful, easy. Carrying books, stereotypical walk.
Wed 6/06 - Edwin - Partially successful, easy, somewhat subdued for him.

There you have it peeps. I've not decided yet whether to continue this challenge into next module. We'll see I guess. I will say that it is a lot harder then you might think, but I believe that it is fantastic practice for improvisationalists or anyone involved with stage. The fact that you are not given the opportunity to talk and that you have such a short space of time to convey an impression in makes it crucial that you use every single action to the greatest extent in the endeavor. It is quite the experience.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

He may never have seen me, but I had to explain it to everybody anyway...

Edit: Since I have gotten several comments from people thinking that this is a bit on the creepy side I have decided to write in a bit of an explanation for it.
This piece is not in any way meant to stand alone. It is actually part of a bigger scene in a much bigger story of which you regular readers know little, if any. The "I" in this story is not a stalker, she actually knows, and is in an intimate relationship with the man in question. This isn't the first time she's seen him butt naked. They will eventually marry, though in this scene that hasn't happened yet. The last line of the bit posted refers to the fact that no matter what happens (and it's a lot, believe you me) she will always remember him in that wild yet peaceful setting.
The reason this was posted as is rather then going into all that gory detail in the first place is because I have been lately trying to put special effort into creating not just a piece of writing, but inspiring a vivid picture in the reader's mind. I thought that this scene didn't do half bad in trying to attain that goal. It's very vivid in my mind at any rate.

~ I happened upon him as in a dream.

He lay on his stomach on the rock verge. His hair, lying in black curls against his neck, still damp from swimming, his clothes off to the side in a state of neat abandonment.

The afternoon sun, sifting through the lush canopy, splashed his body with yellow and green, glinting gold on droplets being pulled by gravity off the masculine contours. Slipping back to the earth from brown legs, caressing the smooth skin of back and arms.

Eyes closed, a look of infinite peace graced his lips.

Water turned gems hung on his dark eyelashes until they suddenly fell, losing their place due to some minuscule movement.

The smooth, sun-warmed stone seemed to cradle him, his lithe body fitting the surroundings so well that it appeared they'd been brought into existence together. They belonged to this place, quiet, savage, unmarred, wild, unknowably serene.

He began to stir and I backed into the protection of forest cover. I did not want him to know that I'd intruded.

He never saw me, but I'll always remember him. ~

~ From my world.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The lecture...

~ Jared, standing shoulders back and feet wide, a powerful scowl tightening his lips, was clearly in the midst of a good seethe. Just when Ally began to think that she might be able to walk away and perhaps he wouldn't even see it through the haze of red, he decided to respond.
"Well I'll tell ya how I feel about it. I'm infuriated! What the heck made you think that you didn't have to call?"
Allison came dangerously close to rolling her eyes. "I didn't think it would be that big a deal."
"Well I've got an update for ya. It's a huge deal." He paused to close his eyes and shake his head. "You know the rules and you decided to disregard them. You won't be going out again any time soon."
Ally looked absolutely scandalized. "How long?" She demanded.
"I don't know, I haven't decided yet. But rest assured it will be a good long while."
If looks could kill Jared would have done well to have had his affairs in order. His daughter stormed up the stairs and slammed her door with as much force as she thought she could get away with.
~ All mine