Saturday, December 16, 2006

Adrasteia the Great...

~ A question we should all ask ourselves is: What would be the first thing I'd do if my house exploded?
Aiden had not considered that event and so was at something of a loss. It struck him that, despite a house being suddenly obliterated in it's midst, the delicate gear work of the neighborhood seemed to continue operating as usual.

Aiden wondered if he was, in fact, delusional. If his house was, in fact, still whole and unharmed. If he was, in fact, sitting on the grass beside a holly bush in front of a completely normal house.
No. He disregarded that theory. Aiden's mind wouldn't dare cop out on him and his, up to this point, fairly well-groomed life.
His house had really gone without much of a fight. Not a lot of noise or scattering of debris. The wreckage was fairly well contained. No flames. Not even a bit of dramatic spouting water. It had just exploded.
Aiden figured that he should call the insurance at some point. He knew that after the long and arduous investigation the explosion would be written off as an "act of God". What else could they call it?
There really is no place to hide when the universe is out to get you.
Aiden's cat came strolling around the corner of his wreckage and toward him across his neatly trimmed lawn. She did not look surprised either. After 5 years with Aiden maybe she'd gotten used to inexplicable events. Or maybe she was just acting like a cat.
Her name was Adrasteia after the nymph who raised Zeus from a babe. Aiden had called her this with a touch of irony. It means "she whom none escapes". Nothing like a cat to protect you from the universe. Aiden looked under the holly bush at his protector. She was nonchalantly chowing down on a twitching grasshopper.
No wonder she'd thrown up on his carpet.
~ S'all me baby

Friday, December 15, 2006

And then things got worse...

~ Aiden hit the steering wheel with the flat of his hand (as if the car needed to be punished) and drove the thorn he'd picked up rescuing his Tribune deeper into his palm. Aiden had always hated blackberries.
He clambered out of his car and stood on the driveway glaring at the world. He'd call Linda. Linda might be able to pick him up on her way in. He bristled at the thought of asking back-stabbing Linda for a favor. It might take a bribe or two, but he had to get to work somehow.
Aiden pulled out his cell phone and stalked over to the big holly bush in his front yard. The only place, he'd discovered long ago, he could get service on his property.
Aiden kicked leaves impatiently while Linda's phone rang.
And then his house exploded.
Aiden was not shocked by this. This would be the morning his house exploded. It occurred to him that his cat should feel very grateful that he'd exiled her outside after she'd thrown up in his living room.
Linda picked up.
"You know what, never mind." Aiden hung up.
He sat down by his holly bush and looked at the mass of splintered wood and unidentifiable refuse that used to be his house. He had to admit, the universe had definitely won this round.
~ I made this!

Mama said there'd be days like this...

~ Aiden woke up with a splitting headache.
And then things got worse.
This would be the morning his cat threw up on the carpet.
This would be the morning his paper was flung deep into the wild blackberry thicket his neighbor so humorously called "a hedge".
This would be the morning he locked himself out of the front door and almost had a coronary before discovering that he'd left the back door open.
This would be the morning he was out of coffee.
Aiden wanted the universe to grind to an agonizing halt.
It didn't.
He gulped down a glass of cran-cherry juice with his (naturally!) burnt toast all the while cramming folders into his briefcase. With all the time he'd spent excavating his newspaper and scouring the kitchen for a few java beans he was already behind schedule.
Where are the keys!? Where are the blasted- Oh, there they are.
Aiden finally made it to his car, only slightly the worse for wear, and buckled up. He turned the key. He was rewarded with a sickeningly dead grinding noise. Aiden looked at the dash.
Headlamps: On
Aiden cursed the universe creatively in several languages...
~From Renee's world. (Her mama never said there'd be days like this...)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Nothing like a new pastime... make you feel alive!

So I've taken up card manipulation, also called trick shuffling, for a new hobby. It's delightful.
I know several tricks by now and mainly I think I need to work on my flexibility and consistency. There are instances when I'll do the scissor cut flawlessly several times in a row and other times that I drop half the deck each try I give it.
I did get a deck of bridge cards which are slightly narrower then your normal poker cards to help me "work up" to some of the moves. Let me tell ya, your hands can be sore after practicing this stuff for a while.
I would like to learn a cool ace production move before I see Josh (cause you know that I'm going to casually show off my moves when we sit down for a game of poker or blackjack) but I doubt that I have time for that.
Speaking of blackjack, funny thing, I brought my cards with me to practice with before both of my exams today.
First exam: I met Stuey outside and we ended up playing blackjack on the back of a book I had with me (Hilariously entitled "To Play The Fool"), and ultimately drawing several innocent strangers into the action.
Second exam: Sitting there practicing the fan and scissor cut and the feller next to me ends up talking to me and saying "We've got five minutes til we start, count me in." So I deal him a hand (is it called a hand in blackjack?) I think the house won the majority of those rounds. To bad we weren't actually betting.
Overall I found it quite amusing.

So I've given up the series idea. You all know that I moved Saturday and most of you know what went down Friday. Those of you who don't can hear it from me personally on break. That way you can watch my lips move too!

For Peace: "It's quite quiet out today. Quit shushing me Quinn and take the quill!"

~ "Do you go to sleep at night and wake up in the morning? Then you need to buy our product!" ~
~ Cowboy

Monday, December 11, 2006

When the going gets tough...

...the smart call in the dem team.

Oh boy do I have a lot to talk about! I think it may be time for another series. Let's start with yesterday and work our way back to Friday shall we?

Sunday I went on a date. A date with my Schloozy Poo. Schloozy Poo is also known as Kara.
So Kara and I went to a concert that the Purdue Symphony Orchestra was putting on over in the beautiful Long Center Theater in Lafayette. It was fantastic!
They played Tchaikowsky's Fifth Symphony, Bach's Concerto for Two Violins and a piece called Samurai by Michael Schelle.
I believe that the last was my favorite. Like good writing, I admire music that inspires emotion and Samurai definitely did that. Something I found interesting was the last movement. Only after it was over did I read in the program that it was called "Prayer with Thunder" which is exactly what I was thinking of as it was played. We had great seats just a couple rows from the stage. There were times that I more felt the music then heard it. The mental images that it conjured were utterly incredible!
I did find myself irritatingly distracted by thinking though. And I found that closing my eyes and concentrating hard on the music and feeling the waves of vibrations washing off the stage was quite hypnotic.

It was wonderful and at the end of the day I got to cross something off my TTDBID (Things To Do Before I Die) list. I do believe that I will be going to another one or two next semester if at all possible.

~ "The passage smelled rather like perfume and Cheerios." She added absently... ~

Saturday, December 09, 2006

I'm a mover and a shaker...

...well a mover at least...and if I had a money tree I'd probably try giving it a rattle or two...but anyway! I'm a mover. Today I am moving to my new, fresh, single, solitary, haven of rest from the universe, sanctuary of peace and solace, and totally my own room. Peace has kindly offered to come give me a helping hand with boxes and fridge and such. Right thoughty of him really, right thoughty. I've got all the junk that I'm going to pack packed and am prepared to move two flights down and a wing to the east. This change's official name is The Migration. Or the TM if you prefer.
This in mind I may not be updating for a bit. As I understand it my ResNet connection (aaahhhh, cable, I love it!) may not be up for a couple of days in the new digs. Those that I email will still get responded to for there is always a computer lab. Those I AIM with may not have as much luck (it may be a blessing, for you I mean, it all depends on how you look at it.) That and the fact that it is the weekend before finals week.
On that note I shall just say that last night we had an excellent End-of-All-Time-Until-Next-Semester show! It was a blast and it ended with 5 wet men on stage. More on that later.
That and yesterday was Benji's birthday. Benji, you'll always be a birthday princess to me!
I also need to say: Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy, Cowboy otherwise I think the mafia was going to come and break my knee caps or whack me or something. And I want to keep getting Cowboy's blogger love.
And that folks will be my very last post from this room!
Oh and if you are a person that has my old and wants my new phone number then either email me, AIM me when I'm back, or (if you're reeeeaaaaly important ;) I'll try to call you with it before you get the chance.

"Hey, get Tripod's attention for me will you?" ~Cowboy
"Tripod!" ~Peace
"Tripod!" ~Kamikaze
"Tripod!" ~Brian
"TRIPOD!!" ~Kamikaze
"Star Wars." ~SOG
"What?" ~Tripod

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Inconsequential in the long run...

~ "Jared slipped into the pool and lay floating and, for all intents and purposes, not thinking about anything. His back ached and his leg throbbed. Therapy. Wasn't therapy supposed to make you feel better?
After a long time ever so gradually his pain subsided back into edgy numbness. He glided out towards the middle of the pool, slipping through the water with a slow, even backstroke. The pool was empty but for him, the gym mostly dark. With his ears beneath the water he was closed off from the world. Suspended in his own universe. A sharp twinge shooting up his leg made him gasp and stiffen. 'Don't kick, just don't kick!'
"...Trying to kick while you're swimming is a good way to rebuild muscle and increase your range of motion Jared."
"Doc, swimming is my therapy for your therapy. I won't kick. It hurts..."
He gave another tiny experimental kick. Well, maybe it wasn't to very bad...If he kept his foot straight...And limited motion in his thigh.
He reached the far end and turned to go back the other way. He was dreaming lazily of what he'd have for dinner when a cheerful voice from the edge of his universe brought him around.
"Great job Jare! You're trying to kick like Dr. Cooper said!"
Jared stopped swimming and twisted to see Sam standing by the pool in khakis and a green sweater with an insufferably encouraging look on his face.
"I was not kicking!", Jared immediately, illogically, and loudly denied. And, in order to hopefully keep Sam from restating what he knew to be true, followed it up with, "And don't call me Jare!"
Sam looked at him like he was crazy (yeah well maybe he was!) and finally seemed to decide that, since he had no weapon to hand, Jared could keep his harmless delusion for now. He sat down by the ladder, pulled off his shoes and dangled his feet in the cool water.
Jared figured that he could either force Sam to tell him what was up now or he could ignore Sam and finish his swim and wait for him to give in first. He chose the latter.
He took his time, back and forth, for a good half hour, all the while studiously not looking in Sam's direction. As much as he was loathe to admit it he finally got tired and made for dry land. It had been a longer swim then he was used to.
And there Sam still sat. He had to give the man credit; patience is, after all, a virtue.
Jared hauled himself out and sat on the edge next to his friend and partner, casually studying the gym, the pool, his dead leg and dripping nonchalantly.
"Wanna get something to eat?", Sam asked his fingernail.
"Yeah sure." Jared replied to the towel.
An hour later they were sprawled on Jared's couch, 10 Chinese take-out boxes and four beers spread out on the coffee table between them and a Giants game on TV.
Jared watched out of the corner of his eye as Sam busily poked holes in an empty carton with a chopstick. He finally snatched the adulterated carton from Sam's fingers, crushed it between his hands and threw it across the room.
"Ok, what is it?", he demanded.
"What's what?", asked Sam who had immediately transitioned to trying to spin the chopstick across his knuckles.
"What's going on? I know you're waiting to tell me something."
"Good grief Jared, anybody would think that we're some old married couple or something."
"They can think whatever they want, won't bother me." Jared stared Sam down, intent on getting his answer.
"Ok, so they offered me a run in Carolina...I took it."
Jared just gazed passively at Sam for a minute. He was suddenly very aware of his numb leg and Sam suddenly got very absorbed in his twirling chopstick.
Jared shook himself. "Ok...Congratulations. So why ya' telling me?"

Blast it all! His voice sounded thick even to himself!" ~
~It's mine, all mine.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's easier the 157th time...

~ "The bed creaked annoyingly as Jared shifted positions once again, punching his pillow with perhaps a bit more zealotry then was necessary. He had to sleep! Why couldn't he sleep? He had half a mind to abandon the effort altogether. Just get up and do something. But taking that road would mean no chance of sleep at all. If he stayed in bed then perhaps he'd drift off. Sooner or later. Maybe.
Again he tried turning over, an almost feverish motion. He lay on his stomach for what seemed a very long time. He jiggled his foot. He forced himself to stop jiggling his foot.
Jared was accustomed to reviewing his day in his mind as he lay waiting for sleep but this was ridiculous! It just wouldn't quit.
He tried closing his eyes again, experimentally. No, still no over
coming fatigue, no mindless drifting.
Blast it all! Another oh-so-restful night without sleep."
~ It's me again, in more ways then one...

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Thus Spoke Zarathustra*...

~ "When Jared stepped out of the darkness of the alleyway and up to the Council door he was a different person.
Sam thought that he'd seen all of Jared's many and highly varied moods (or were they personalities?) but this focused and completely closed face was a new one. Unbidden, the mental image of a much younger Jared, the same look in his eye, striding across the flight deck of an aircraft carrier came to mind.
Why did that look seem so familiar? Oh yes. Sam had seen it on the face of an old friend. They had been in the marines together. Gone to and come back from war together. When their time in service was up Adrian had gone on immediately to join a SWAT team while Sam had drifted aimlessly. Unwittingly giving himself over to his identification with, and subsequent loss of, the marine core.
Sam had watched Adrian preparing for a bust with his team once. Adrian, the entire team actually, had that same all-consuming, almost fanatical focus in their eyes.
There was no room for distraction here. No mercy for mistakes.
Jared silently withdrew his picks from the lock. The latch clicked and the door opened smoothly under his hand.
On to stage two."
~I made this!

FASoFGE Countdown: 23 hours 59 minutes

*Zarathustra was a character (also a Persian prophet) used by Friedrich Nietzsche in some of his philosophical writings, one of which bears the name "Thus Spoke Zarathustra".
You may be wondering why I chose that for the title of this blog post. No reason really, other then it being on my mind at the time.
You could, in fact, give this mini-scene some existential overtones if you wanted. I wouldn't. But you might.

Monday, December 04, 2006

I just wanted to say...

...I don't have much to say....very tired...wanted to write regardless. Yeah I'm strange like that.
Well come on. Can you honestly tell me that you have never been caught in a bit of a creative vortex? Where you long to make or write or draw something and you can't (or perhaps won't) rest til you do?
Happens to me relatively often. And hey, I just realized! End of the semester! Surely you know what that means. More time to think, more time to write!
In other news, keep your fingers crossed that I get a little letter in my box this Friday. That would mean that I could move to my new room this weekend. Which would be wickedly awesome. I don't work this weekend, I could get settled in before finals so there's no huge rush during those last few days, blah blah blah, so on and so forth. You get the idea.
Anyway, I'm tired. I'm going to bed.

FASoFGE Countdown: 1 day 18 hours 48 minutes

Featured blog of the day: Published by friend and fellow Fool, Peace. Check it out. Tis worth you time!

And finally, the moral of the story children:
Drewcifer3939: Duh duh dut
Drewcifer3939: TELL YOU WHAT I'D DO!
Drewcifer3939: Duh duh dut
Drewcifer3939: Throw away the cars and the bars and the wars and I'd make sweet love to you. I say I'd make sweet love to you.
Drewcifer3939: Singing Jooooooy to the world
Drewcifer3939: Aaaaaaaall boys and girls
Drewcifer3939: Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Drewcifer3939: Joy to you and me.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Size doesn't matter...

Today I found the journal that my mom is going to give me for Christmas. (Yes I shop for my own gifts.)
A journal is a very personal thing and I take my writing paraphernalia very seriously. It has to feel right. In my opinion when you pick up a journal it should inspire you. It should make you want to write in it. You should lust after it essentially. And covet it as well.
With that in mind you can certainly see why a body such as myself would feel the need to pick out their own journal.
First of all, it should fall on your eye as something, I dunno, elegant. Majestic mayhaps.
Secondly, it should feel right when you pick it up. This could include size, cover texture, weight, simple make and model, etc.
Thirdly, I'm a stickler for good binding. It should be tight enough that you know it won't fall apart on you and yet loose enough that it can easily fall open to the page you wish to write on.
And (I believe that this is my last point) the pages themselves have to be right. Perhaps you like unlined pages. Perhaps you like your pages lined but widely lined. I prefer narrower lines myself. Also pages that have a touch of elegance, maybe a scroll in the bottom corner. Just not plain, usually. I have seen plain that I liked as well though.
In short it should just call to you. I'm sure I'm not the only person in the world that feels a connection with blank books...
So anyway, I spent at least 45 minutes, probably more, in Barnes & Noble today looking at (and picking up and turning over and flipping the pages of) their extremely satisfactory and excellently diverse selection of journals. And I found it. At first I disregarded it. Though it felt right it looked rather small compared to some, and had unlined pages.
I looked at others. For a long time. I had the choice narrowed down to two...moment of suspense...and then I put both of them back. Neither was perfect. Maybe today wasn't the day I'd find my perfectly complementary journal. Oh well, perhaps better luck later. I went to leave. Passed by the shelf that held this one just once more. Paused. Took it off the very bottom rack. Looked at it again.
It felt right. Soft, dark brown leather with a simple design of scrolling embroidery out of tan thread on the cover, a long tie of braided red, green, yellow, black and white threads complete a tiny splash of color, rough grain pages with sewn binding. It nestles gently in my palm...I write straight enough...Size doesn't matter...

And much havoc was wreaked... a surprisingly short amount of time!

So as anybody who's reading this no doubt knows yesterday was my first time ever hosting an SoF practice.
I was right. I was quite nervous before hand. Felt like bowing out actually. Didn't. But felt like it. I personally didn't think I did very good, but I was assured from several fronts that it was fine. I'd imagine that it's rather like speech class. I always thought my presentations went horrible, and yet I got an A!
I have to say, maybe it's just cause this was my first time, but watching the practice is more fun then hosting it. Perhaps I should hold off judgment until I actually host again. Perhaps I'd like it better the second time round. I know I'd definitely do a couple of things differently. But anyway.
Spanke was able to come and who do ya think popped in during Chain Murder? Wes! Great to see both of them again!
But regardless of what else happened, it was a good practice cause I got to wear my cowboy hat!

In other news, the FASoFGE is drawing nigh! As I referenced before! I'm excited! As I referenced before!

FASoFGE Countdown: 3 days 21 hours 3 minutes

***Giving Peace a hug*** ~Kamikaze
"Awww, I'm in a happy place." ~Peace
"Kama Kazi meet Kama Sutra." ~Benji