Sunday, September 23, 2007


I recently had a discussion with a friend of mine on the topic of the threesome. The central question was: All else being equal, would you rather be with two people of the opposite sex or one of either gender? Truth be told I had never put much thought into the subject. I came to two conclusions:
1) Take the case of me, my theoretical significant other, and an additional woman. I know for a fact that I would not take it well at all to see the man that I loved being intimate with, or even looking at, another woman. So that's out.
2) Let's try me, my TSO, and an additional man. Not being the type to engage in random acts of sexual intercourse, I gotta say that would be a bit weird. For this fact alone: I would have sex with someone that I loved. To have some other guy just stopping in for kicks, that'd make me uncomfortable I'd wager.Why I presented all that here, well, I'm not really sure

I've just brought my would be book up to the mark of approximately 15250 words. That's somewhere between a quarter and a fifth done for your average sized novel. I also had an epiphany. I won't give any spoilers here, but several major points of the plot that I had been ignoring up til now have been made beautifully clear to me. Like fine Waterford crystal.

~ “Aiden. This is really weird. Are you sure we're not hallucinating?”
“Well I'm not Jacob. I won't presume to speak for you.”
~ Mine, gimme


luckeyfrog said...

Haha-- I'm curious who this conversation was with. :)

Yay for your story going so well!

The Drewcifer said...

Seriously, who are you talking about 3somes with? I mean, if I didn't know any better, my first guess would be me.

Anonymous said...

Bunny, do I have to beg over a public forum to get a copy of the 15000 words??? Me? your own ma?
Ok The I will beg:
PLEASE Purty PLEASE email me a copy?
(Let not the fact that I have your horse hostige move you in any way!)

luckeyfrog said...

Dear Renee,

I feel as though I haven't seen you in a million years. I guess I saw you Monday, but it wasn't for very long, and we didn't do our writing thing AND you weren't at improv last week. I hope you're there tonight, because I miss you muchly. :) Love you with my subconscious!

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