Monday, June 09, 2008

Sound in silence...

Cut off, I'm left to wander.
Roaming the wasteland, looking for something.
Looking for peace of mind maybe.
Cut off by actions and lack thereof.
I had a hand in my isolation.
My loneliness is partially by my doing.
Cut off by silence.
And not just my own.
Is there anyone out there?


Anonymous said...

It is always the sheltered that say “if I were homeless, I’d... (some grand,brave thing).......”

and the robust that say” if I lost the use of my legs, I wouldn’t let that change me...”

how can they know?
but it is they who judge the crippled and homeless so harshly, how can they deserve such judgment when in such a hard place

Renee L. said...

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to take from this comment...
It seems somewhat unrelated to the post to me, but maybe I'm just missing something. Or maybe it's not supposed to be related.
Would you explain it to me please?

Anonymous said...

Bun, you have got some weird readers, one of which is your mean old mammy who cut an pasted the wrong comment to you (above)SORRY! M.O.M.

Renee L. said...

Ah, well I guess that explains why it didn't really make sense!
I thought I was being reprimanded or something maybe, in an abstract sort of way...
Love you!