Thursday, August 14, 2008

Well that's cool...

A couple of months ago I found a site called 365 Tomorrows. The aim of the site is to present one short-short story of the sci-fi persuasion, no more than 365 words long, every day for a year. Most of them that I have read are pretty awesome. Today's and yesterday's (August 13 and 14th) stories were particularly good in my opinion.
Anyway, they have staff writers and they also accept some submissions. When I learned of this, I thought to myself, "What the heck, why not?" and so I took a few minutes to type up something random. I personally don't think it's that great, buuuuuut yesterday I got an email saying that it had been accepted for publication.
I'm not sure when exactly it's going to be featured, but it will be on the main page as the daily story, and then put in the archives. I'm pretty excited about that. First time I have ever been published by anyone other than myself, my school newspaper, or Jaime. So yeah. Awesome.


Renee L. said...

I'm telling you, the one I wrote is pathetic compared to some of these. The one for today for instance. Today's was great. Poignant, good imagery. Short and powerful.

Ryan said...

Please let us know when yours is posted!

Anonymous said...

pathetic huh? well let us know when it is featured so we can all bask in your humiliation. Pathetic? I hope you used a pen name. Pathetic? Pathetic is not trying, not taking the risk, not believing in yourself enought to submit a story.
Am I right readers???

Paul Kuliniewicz said...