Saturday, February 20, 2010


This Friday we had a fantastic turnout at improv. I believe that the head count topped out somewhere in the 70-75 range. We've had callouts with much worse attendance than that, let alone regular meetings. I credit these new kids we've got coming that keep bringing their friends. Man I love that.
Know what else I love? Sitting out on my balcony when the weather is nice. The weather has not been traditionally "nice" for a very long time, and I miss it. I'm not saying that I don't like snow and ice rain as much as the next guy; I do. I'm just saying that sun and warm breezes also have their merits. And I believe that this year I'm going to plant butterfly attracting flowers. I do love me some butterflies.
On another note, I would not want to be the Queen of England.

"If BASIC is the pair of rounded blunt safety scissors you give a kindergartner, C++ is a chainsaw with no off switch where you've replaced each tooth with a smaller chainsaw."
~ Paul


luckeyfrog said...

It's crazy how many people come regularly now. It's exciting, but also weird that I don't know everyone and that I can barely get suggestions taken because most of the time it's not worth screaming over 30 other screaming people. It's good, though, that the club is so popular! I think it's only going to get bigger.

I bet Jif would love the butterflies too. :)

Renee L. said...

Well Jif certainly loves ladybugs. Other than his string I think he believes that they're the best toys ever! :)