Saturday, June 05, 2010

Cleanliness is next to godliness...

Gave both my kitties a bath today, and even though in the end I wound up getting as wet as either of them did, they were still both very good, all things considered. The episode ended with two out of three individuals miserable, but nobody was injured, and the misery was largely due to the indignity of being doused and scrubbed.
Having given Kitty a bath before, I knew what to expect. She hates baths, but she is good about it and doesn't usually actively try to maim whoever happens to be giving one to her. Jif on the other hand, was a bit of a wild card, and I am pleased to say that even though he did hate it (a lot) he never tried to bite me, and even whilst climbing over my shoulder to try and escape the washing (multiple times), managed to not claw me. What a good boy.
That's not to say he's forgiven me yet. Kitty has bounced back surprisingly quickly though and even sat on my lap for a while.
And now I need to go clean a lot of hair out of my drain.


Paul Kuliniewicz said...

You do remember that cats are self-cleaning, right?

luckeyfrog said...

I am extremely surprised that Kitty was the easier one to give a bath to! Never would've guessed it :)

I bet Jif will stay out of the bathtub for a little while!