Friday, April 22, 2011

Why the UMBC people look like total dickbags...

I've had my share of rejections, but UMBC had to make theirs personal:

"Your application to the UMBC Graduate School has been carefully reviewed by the faculty of the department to which you applied. I regret to inform you that the department has recommended that you not be admitted for the forthcoming year.
Unfortunately, the number of places available for entering graduate students is limited. We are able to admit only those applicants who demonstrate strong academic skills and whose interest closely match the strengths of the graduate program to which they applied...."

Ouch. At least when U of L rejected me they were nice about it!

Maybe I'm glad you didn't accept me, UMBC, how about that? Now I'm gonna go over there and sit with people who like me. The ones who do think my academic skills are strong. *hrumph*


Jamie said...

At least Paul didn't write the rejection letter.

Bummer on the rejections. Keep your head up!

Renee L. said...

Man, ain't that the truth. If he did I certainly wouldn't be in any condition to write about it. I'd be barricaded in some black closet somewhere with a case of tissues, 5 bags of Dove chocolates, and no intention of ever coming out again.

Seriously though, as demoralizing as the rejections are, not all of the responses have been negative, and that is all I wanted. So I really have nothing (much) to complain about on that front.

Paul Kuliniewicz said...

If you weren't planning on coming out again, I think you'd need more provisions than that.

Renee L. said...

What? Now you're rejecting my plan for dealing with your legendary rejection skills?