Thursday, July 14, 2011

Photo Thursday: Helpful!

Jif, helping with the sorting:

Jif, helping with the things to store:

Jif, helping with the packing:

Jif, helping with the...sitting in boxes:

Jif, helping:

In that third picture the box was on my lap when Jif decided he needed to lay down in it. Pretty sure it could only have been made better for him if I was sitting in a dry bathtub, eating some yogurt, with the box on my lap, and him in the box.


Paul Kuliniewicz said...

Jif sure does love sitting in boxes. Especially if he can sit in multiple boxes at a time.

luckeyfrog said...

Jif is the cutest thing. We currently are building "box mountain" over here to get ready for moving, and I want to bring Jif over to play in/on it!

Ryan said...

I love these pictures so very much