Sunday, February 19, 2012

Cat Box Fort: Success!

As most of you probably know, my cat Jif loves boxes...

So for our anniversary Paul and I decided to make him and the other cats a box fort. It's a pretty sweet design, with tunnels connecting the various boxes into a packing taped tower of awesome. In process in looked like this:

And even then Jif wanted to try it out:

And try it out some more:

Finally, it was done (can you spot the Jif?):

Here's Jif a bit later, enjoying the view from the crow's nest:

At one point Kitty got in on the action. She's in the Lowe's box in this picture. Jif came downstairs, heard noises coming from the boxes, and got very curious indeed:

One more round of spot the Jif (meanwhile Kitty is still in the Lowe's box):

And finally Jif decided that the best thing to do was take the high ground and wait for the intruder to leave (which eventually Kitty did):

Cat Box Fort: Success!


Anonymous said...

I can spot all the Jif, but it helps that I was there when it happened.

Unknown said...

At any point did you make a fort for humans instead of felines>

Renee L. said...

Nope, never even occurred to us. Maybe next anniversary.

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