Friday, June 09, 2006

Getting good reception...

..Speaking of reception, I'm a receptionist now. I spent my first shift today actually at the desk learning the job from a lady named Wilma and I'll be doing the same thing tomorrow and Sunday. Next weekend I should be flying solo. It's actually fairly interesting. More then just answering the phones at any rate. You have to keep a lot of stuff in order.
In other news, I got a call about my baby, by which I mean my horse. Apparently he got a cut just above his right, front hoof that was bleeding pretty bad. The Thompson's got the vet out and he bandaged it and gave him a tetanus shot. I miss him. A lot.
Moving on, I am now on academic probation! Yeah, fun huh? Stupid chemistry! Just when I'm getting used to Purdue they start threatening to kick me out! Ahh...I remember the good ol' days...back in physics III...back when I actually had a GPA. Grrrrrrrrrr. So this means that I will be dropping at least one of the aero courses that I got in for this fall and switching it for something soft and fluffy that I can be sure I'll actually pass! Tell me something. Why the heck did I choose engineering? There are so many fields that I find interesting and that I actually excel at, but noooo, I have to go and bust my butt to get an engineering degree! Geez...I think there's something wrong with me.
Going to a different subject, my grandmother heard somewhere (and also seems to be completely convinced of her facts) that Gary actually proposed to mom and mom answered with a resounding "Yes!". Which didn't actually happen. I know cause my mom told me, and my mom is never wrong! And because I think she'd know if there was a feller in front of her down on one knee. At least I sure hope she would!
I've been doing a bit of oil painting lately. It's very relaxing. And I actually did one that didn't turn out to bad last week. It's of some mountains with a mist covered lake in the foreground. I took a picture of it, which I might post later. It's not a very good picture. That coupled with not a very good painting makes me look bad. :-) You don't want that, do you?
Anyway, today I'd like to share with you a passage that I've really, really liked for a long time. Read it out loud, a couple of times even, to get the full effect.

~ At the hole where he went in Red-Eye called to Wrinkle-Skin.
Hear what little Red-Eye saith:
"Nag, come up and dance with death!"
Eye to eye and head to head,
(Keep the measure, Nag.)
This shall end when one is dead;
(At thy pleasure, Nag.)
Turn for turn and twist for twist--
(Run and hide thee, Nag.)
Hah! The hooded Death has missed!
(Woe betide thee, Nag!)

A piece of: "Rikki Tikki Tavi" from "The Jungle Book" by Rudyard Kipling

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