Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Let's take another crack... actually writing a post with a body instead of just a topic, however classy the latter may be.
Alrighty then, the game that I was proposing before was one I like to call: "What the bleep is that picture of?!?"
Here's the picture:
Take your best guess, write it on a $50 bill, read the rest of the post, find the answer at the end, and mail the $50 to me.

And now news!
I went spelunking the other day! Yeah! Under our house. There's a leak in the water main. Yup, you heard right. A leak in the water main. And let me tell you something. It is not cozy and fluffy under our house! It is wet(!), and muddy(!), and spidery, and cramped, and cold, and dark, and every other nasty adjective that you can think of. Picture in your mind some poor soul (not claustrophobic thankfully) crawling into this tiny, nasty, horrible space, taking a good look at the pipe, the leak, judging the size of both, estimating where exactly under the house it is, and then laboriously snaking her way back out. And now picture (*! THOSE PERSONS WITH WEAK STOMACHS OR PALLID DISPOSITIONS SHOULD STOP READING NOW !*) that self same person shaking the leaves, sand, mud, dead bugs, and Lord only knows what else out of her underwear. Now I know what you're thinking! And you're wrong. The picture at the top is not of me burning down the house. Guess again. The yard is far to wet by now for the house to burn anyway.
In other news, mom still isn't sure about the wedding thing, but she is thinking of things like: "What am I going to do with the house full of stuff? I won't want to take most of it if I do go through with this."
I just told her not to burn her bridges before she'd counted them.
Speaking of burning things, it's now time for the recipe of the day! Assemble french bread, turkey breast, pepper jack cheese, a bit of mustard, and Doritos into a sandwich (yes, put the chips on the sandwich!). Try it, it's good. I can tell by the look on your face that you don't believe me, but that's what I'm eating right now! As we speak. Seriously.
And now to the Health Forum! Tomorrow I go to get my second PPD test for work. For some reason they want to make sure that I don't have TB. The first one I had no reaction to at all. Nothing, not a bump or a bruise or anything, so that's good.
In the Popular Entertainment Forum I must mention that I got the new Narnia movie and watched that for the first time. I wish I had taken the time to see it on the big screen, but ah well, such is life. It was really good. Awesome effects, uber cool, dramatic battle scene without the viewer actually ever seeing a drop of blood. Very tastefully done in my opinion. I don't like gore. It was dramatic enough that I will watch it a couple more times, but well enough done that a small child could watch it. Good music score too. I give it a lot of thumbs up.

Ok, it is now time to see if you figured out what is in that picture. If you guessed that it is my 9 year old brother burning his school in effigy, then you're right! Yup, he built a model of his school out of cardboard boxes and set it alight (under supervision of course). His great loathing of organized education and abiding love of fire were momentarily combined in that one simple arsenistic action. Goodness knows what kind of psychosis this has awakened in the boy! His advice to get the most out of the viewing: "Imagine that that's really the school and you're just watching it from far away!"

The moral of the story children, is if you are going to be groveling underneath a house, don't wear expensive underwear.


Ryan said...

You were totally groveling at your house.

Also, nothin' burns like an effigy.

Renee L. said...

Our house has a way of making folks grovel...

And I love the word "effigy". Great insult word!
"You're nothin' but a slimey ball of effigy!"
"That's bull effigy!"
"He got caught with a load of effigy and was sentenced to 5 years in max security."