Tuesday, September 12, 2006

It's high time...

...for a new post! I realize that the ol' blog has been somewhat neglected of late, but I've got good reason and just cause. I'm busy.
As for updates, school/classes are going pretty good. It's nearing the time for first exams. I was looking at my schedule the other day and realized that Friday will wrap up the fourth week of classes! Time flies when you're having fun.
In other news, the Ship of Fools callout was a huge success. And when I say huge I mean gigantic. Kyle estimated that there were between 55 and 60 people there, not counting Fools. The show was excellent and there were several very enthusiastic new audience members who I am fully expecting to return for a second dose.
Oh, and happy Grandparent's Day Nan and Pap. I realize that this is a tad late and that a good grandchild would probably call or send a card, probably even on Grandparent's Day, but I forgot. Sorry. I love you!

I shall end with a quote. *ehem*
"Aren't you supposed to shoot them? Doesn't that help recovery?"
~Benji-upon looking at a picture of the cut on Tiger's leg.


chieflunatic1@yahoo.com said...

Nan&Pap thank you, Renee'.

We never guessed we'd be blogworthy.

And we pray and hope that hubris, with all the dreadful consequences will be delayed.

We were away from the asylum yesterday, so we're late in thanking you. Sorry...
(We saw Vangie, Jim and others)

Congrats on the big congregation(sp)? for the FOOLS.!!

55 to 60 year olds(is that what you said?) still have questionable motivations so please don't dispair .

Reread Samual Beckett !!
Many many times.

We LOVE you,
Nanster and Papster

Renee L. said...

It must run in the family! At least I came by belation (is that a word?) honestly!