Monday, September 25, 2006

With special thanks to... dear friend Benji and wonderful sister Christine, who's wisdom and knowledge inspired and propelled me to new and unsurpassed heights of wealth and prestige. I owe it all to you!

~ Sam tried to gasp, tried to cry out but couldn't take a breath. He could feel his ribs moving under his hands as he desperately clutched his stomach, trying to will himself to breath. It felt like there were knives sticking into his lungs.
The edges of his vision began to go foggy and it suddenly washed over him. Through the pain he felt his legs and arms go numb. He would die here. They would kill him, in as slow a manner as possible, and he would die before America, his home, his Mother Country, bothered to come get him.
There was never a time in Sam's life that he'd felt so spectacularly alone in the universe. Up to this point he'd subconsciously entertained the notion that a bunch of special op's would come sweeping in at any moment and pull them back to safety, a bit roughed up, but none the worse for wear.
Now he was cut adrift. Hopelessness cascaded through him. There was no one coming. There was no point in hanging on.
At that very moment, a split second before he finally let go and plunged into the black void, his lungs decided that the battle wasn't over. After what seemed forever and a day of struggling to get that breath, it finally came when he'd stopped fighting.
Immediately Sam wished he hadn't taken it. It seared it's way down and stabbed into his chest. He gasped and rolled to his back in an attemp to relieve the renewed pressure on his ribs.
It didn't help.

There ya have it folks. Yet another torture scene by yours truly. Sam is not the main character in this story, Jared is. But my dearest (and only) sister claimed that I only ever tortured Jared. I mistakenly let slip that "Jared was easier to torture." By which I meant that he lent his character more readily to torture scenes, not that he was more fun to torture. And so to prove her wrong I started writing about poor Sam more. Please do leave me feedback on it. Honesty is always appreciated, but mindless flattery will also do nicely. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh this is with out comparison the finest torture scene I have ever read. My heart ached for Sam as YOU injured his mind, body, spirit and if you could have gotten to it his soul. Good junk if you like that sort of thing. Reminder, I was not pushing for you to hurt Sam I just pointed out the odvious, he didn't have many scenes, so I suppose that in some way that makes ME responsible, and that just makes me feel sick.

Renee L. said...

Ha, is that honesty and mindless flattery all rolled into one? Gotta hand it to you dah-ling, you're good! ;)
Anyway thanks! I do enjoy hurting a poor helpless fictional character once in a while. I mean...what? Did I say that? No I don't!