Saturday, May 19, 2007

The things I take as goals...

During this 4 week module I am in a psychology class. Here's the funny thing about that class: When you walk in the door, people look at you. The seats are situated in such a way (tables in a horseshoe type shape set on graduating lecture hall steps) that when you come in the door at the back of the class everyone has a chance to look at you without turning their head more then 90 degrees. So they do. This fact inspired me to take it as a personal challenge to walk in that door every day for the remaining 3 weeks of class embodying a different persona. The day before yesterday I was business-like, that's not hard at all. Yesterday I was shy, a bit more challenging. I have begun to compile a list of the moods/personalities that I plan to take on. (If you have any suggestions do speak up.)
Here's the kicker: I basically have about 20 feet to convey these. A couple seconds after I get to my seat the game is over, first of all because people are no longer looking at you so it doesn't matter, and secondly because I'm not interested in trying to act different for 2 hours and 10 minutes when all I'd really be doing is sitting there.
My hope is that I will be good enough that anyone walking behind me would see a marked change in my stance/aura as soon as I open that door, and anyone watching me enter from day to day would be confused.
The irony of the situation? It's a class on stereotypes.


Ryan said...

Try a geisha.

luckeyfrog said...

I list these as possible stereotypes you can embody. Many would also encourage costumes, and if you include them, I would applaud you and hope for pictures:
-Hick/Hillbilly/White Trash
-Sorority girl
-Drama Queen/Model
-Jock/Sports Star

Other emotions and such:
-Pedofiley (think "Little Girl")
-Little girl/kid
-Aspiring reporter
-Hula dancer
-Topless dancer (just kidding)
-Musical star
-In agony

Okay, so I got tired of thinking of them. But I did (with the help of Ryan) remember a site I found long ago that will give you more inspiration, if you need it.

Oh, and if you write down each one you do and happen to want to take a picture of the face and/or costume for that emotion, I'm a few minutes away, I have a camera, and I like you a whole bunch! (And this idea, too.)

Oh, and thanks for the message on my door. :) Made me smile. I wasn't totally sure if it was for me or Ryan until I read "Sexy Llama," and that made me smile even more!