Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Something no smart housewife should do without...

..."What's that?" you're no doubt wondering. Well I'll tell you. But first, have you seen the music video for the song "Satisfaction" by Benny Benassi? No? Well then hurry and crank up that sound and click this link man! There's no time to waste!

There. You like that? I've no doubt. Leave those speakers turned up! Now click on this link. Don't ask questions! Just do it.

Yeah! Now we're talking ey!? Probably the best video to hit the tubes of the internets since sliced bread right? I concur without equivocation. I bet you're wondering who all those sexy men are aren't ya? They're friends of mine and members of an awesome group called the Ship of Fools.

Mad props to all of them for bopping about campus during Grand Prix weekend to film this, but especially to Stu for the idea of the production in the first place and his direction thereof and to Alex for his stellar editing work (was that sound syncing not flawless?). Love you guys!

Congratulations reader! If you've followed all instructions to the letter you have been inducted into the proud and vast ranks of those who have been witness to "Foolish Satisfaction" something that, indeed, no smart housewife should do without. Do share the experience with all your friends and relatives, you know they'll love it. Or be offended by it. A win/win situation really.

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