Thursday, August 16, 2007

Not for just anyone...

So the summer sessions are over and we are but days from the beginning of fall classes here at Purdue. Those of you that know me well will probably be aware of the fact that I usually don't take breaks well. Though I relish the lack of deadlines and work, I get bored easily. That having been said, I could easily deal with this little break lasting for another week or two. Still, even though I have been enjoying my short period of somnolence, I am a bit excited for the semester to begin. I'm gonna learn Spanish!
I'm also going to see the Dalai Lama in October. I wasn't sure that I really wanted to go all that badly, but then after talking to a couple people figured that, what the heck, it's probably not an opportunity that all that many people get, I might as well go for it. I also thought that $26 was not a bad price for enlightenment, but Ryan tells me that he doubts that enlightenment is included in the ticket price.
Speaking of prices, one of my more recent, and very salient goals is to save a goodly portion of money. That money will most likely go to one of three things. Those things would be: Music lessons, flying lessons, or investing. The problem being that I'm not sure which to go for. Allow me to present each case.

1) Music. I have always wanted to learn to play an instrument really well. The top contenders would be piano (not very portable, but wonderful), guitar (not my favorite instrument in the world, but portable, and I own one already), and last but not least, violin (portable, fantastically beautiful instrument, but possibly harder to learn).

2) Flying. Since I was a small child I've wanted to get my pilot's license and I have recently learned of Lafayette Aviation which happens to be headquartered at the Purdue Airport. A lesson or two a month would be fantastic! With 10-20 hours I could have my license.

3) Investing. I've always considered it a smart thing to do, especially if you start early. I'd love to be putting money away (and having it earn oodles of interest hopefully) before I hit 25. If I choose to go that route it could happen before I hit 23.

So, people who know me, thoughts?

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Jamie Weigandt said...

I may be a little too entertained by the idea of someone with your nickname taking flying lessons.

Anonymous said...

Jamie has a very strong point here,
kind of like if your knickname was "thumbs" and you wanted violin lessons!

Ryan said...

First and foremost, I want it noted that I not only doubt enlightenment is included, I'm incredibly skeptical of the whole Lama thing in general.

Re: lessons
I have not studied the cost for each in depth, but overall financial cost may be the deciding factor. That said, here are some thoughts.

1) Are you going to purchase your instrument, or rent it? You could purchase a very portable keyboard if you went piano. Electric or acoustic guitar? Also, are there places 'round here to take lessons for those things? Purdue is not a big music school.

2) I myself have always wanted to get my pilot's license and am stranded, having soloed but not completed my training. It's convenient that we have an airport here and all (and rentable airplanes, pilots, etc.). However, I'm pretty sure it takes closer to 20-30 hours of instruction, including ground school and several hundred dollars of equipment (headset, E6B, books, etc., which you may be able to borrow from me). Also, I think 1 or 2 lessons a month may make it difficult to keep your progress constant. You may want to check out the Purdue Pilot's Club, they may be able to get you a discount on lessons/equipment. How much is hourly rental cost? How much are instructors per hour? High or low wing aircraft?

3) I know next to nothing about investing. Buy low/sell high.

luckeyfrog said...

somnolence = cool word. Thanks for the vocab for the day. :)

I love Spanish, and I'm not fantastic, but I'm not terrible either... so feel free to ask if you need any help. Sometimes a random word actually sticks in my mind.

Dang it! Now that I'm dropping a class I totally could've gone to see D'Lama with you guys.

I'd love to learn piano or guitar, but I suck at practicing on schedule. I'll probably teach myself someday- I have a keyboard, and actually plan to bring it back to Purdue this semester (once I find the power cord/chord). So maybe soon. We can start a band. (Haha.)

Investing is pretty cool, but I don't know enough to feel confident helping you decide what to put your money in.

In any case, I hope you have some plans for specific money-saving. I was actually thinking of doing some of that myself this semester, and maybe if a few of us band together and make cheap plans for the Fools & Co., it'd make things easier! :) Or at the very least, we can borrow some ideas from each other.

Renee L. said...

Re: Ryan
1) If I went for violin I'd probably look into renting first. You're right about the keyboard thing. I own an acoustic guitar, but electric would be cool. As you said, Purdue doesn't offer music classes. I'd have to get private lessons.
2) I agree, more then 2 lessons a month would be great, but expensive. An instructor is $38 an hour. The cheapest plane (a Cessna 152, highwing, as I'm sure you know), $79 an hour. For $97 I could get a Cessna 172 or a Piper Warrior II. So yeah, at at least 2 bucks a minute, I'd better be enjoying myself! Thanks for the tip about the club, I might check into that.
3) That made me laugh a lot.

Re: Jenny
We should totally go ahead and start making plans to start a band! I personally like the name: Geoffrey and The Palindromes. We'll need to find someone named Geoffrey...

Ryan said...

Are there private lessons nearby?

luckeyfrog said...

Maybe we'll just have a giraffe who looks strangely like the Toys-R-Us giraffe in our indie-style band shirt logo.

business voodoo said...

music, will always be there to heal your soul.

flying, will always free your mind.

investing, will always be subject to the whims and decisions of people who don't care if you ever make any money or lose it all so they can have more. and if you are presently watching the market and the federal reserve, i would wait to see what next year may bring before you think it can bring you the return that is promised.

peace & harmony,
'freedom must be exercised to stay in shape!'

Anonymous said...

Ryan is right about the time and cost of flight, FAA is differant these days. Though any idiot can drive a lethal car, you really must show you know what you're about with taking to the air, where the chances of hurting anyone but yourself is slim. Also there is I think a time slot where your flight and ground hours expire.

Investing is very, very, good. Even $ 10 with compound interest grows fast!!!! I'd make at least that small comitment.

But, I've flown with you at the yoke before and that I would say is a larger passion that taking up and instrament. And yes I saw even then the value of the Fools future nickname. The words I'll always remember saying were' "PULL UP, PULLLLLL UP!!!!!" You've attempted before to learn music, and then it gets tedious. I believe you could, but not as fun as dives,... But last I checked the Blue Angels aren't looking for their first female musician......

Love always and keep dreamin'