Monday, November 26, 2007

I haven't seen a dungeon or a dragon yet...

Last night a group of friends and acquaintances of mine got together to make up characters for a new auxiliary RPG (my second ever). This one is going to be the classic sort of D&D dealio rather than the Star Wars theme that we've got going for the main game now. (Gametime?)
In it I'll be playing an elf by the name of Baellam Korvain. Compared to my Star Wars character, Jagden Morealas, he is fairly tame. More the backwoodsy, quiet, reserved type, he is sometimes hard for me to read.
On the other hand, Jagden, who has quite the force of personality, just kind of happens. I think mainly because whatever comes to my mind, be it a joke or an improprietous statement, Jag has no trouble at all saying it. Baellam is not so forward, so I have to hold that stuff in. He is much more serious and, though forthright, very aware of social interactions. His personality can and will be drawn out I think, but until it is he's going to be very quiet.
It should be interesting.

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