Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Choose your own hybridized adventure...

So I've been working on some sort of bastardized template for KA so that I can get the best of both the old and the beta versions. It's not going as smoothly as one might hope.
On the lighter side of that subject though, I have completed over 50 chapters of Knowing Andrew, and been working on it (relatively) steadily for over 6 months now. Woo. Somebody pat me on the back.
I was talking with a friend the other day about doing NaNoWriMo this year. Might be a fun challenge. Something to think about.
We went to Michigan, as I said we were going to, and it was awesome. The trip was a blast, the accommodations excellent. Our set got cut by about 50% because a couple of -ehem- bad troupes went overtime with their badness, but we handled it professionally, and got what was left of the audience back after one of those particularly bad troupes finally vacated the stage. But, the two troupes that went after us, they were pure gold. Loved every minute of it. Overall it was just a really fantastic time, lotta group bonding, inside jokes, and all that good stuff that dreams are made of.

~ "Life is good... LGizzle. LGizzle Electrizzle. Fo shizzle!" ~
~ Stu

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luckeyfrog said...

Wow! Over 50 chapters is awesome. I started reading when you started, but I'm way behind. I should catch up sometime. :)

NaNo is a fun challenge. I tried it, and didn't get anywhere near done- but still, I wrote more than I might have otherwise!