Monday, May 25, 2009

Hoorah for freeviewing...

Being a pretty big fan of stereo photographs, I've been thinking for a while about trying to take some myself. Last night I took a few snap shots of things on our coffee table to try and get a feel for what would be the correct angle and distance between the two shots in order to make a stereo. Another trick is to size and level the two shots beside one another just right. To my surprise and delight, after one or two tries I got a couple of good ones!
Today I was looking at some of the pictures I took while on a garden tour with my grandfather, and I came across three pictures of a purple iris that I took, two of which were very similar, with just a tiny bit of angle difference, so I tried aligning them, and voila, three dimensions! I am pretty delighted with the way this turned out.

If you'd like some pointers on freeviewing a stereo or how to take a stereo picture, I suggest reading: (where I got my information for trying this.) I also find it a little easier to freeview when the photo is a bit larger, so clicking on the picture to blow it up might help. If you'd like to see more stereo pictures, I would suggest going to and browsing back through his Soapbox archives to see some of the ones he's posted. They're pretty awesome.


Anonymous said...

Finally, my useless talent for crossing my eyes has a purpose!

Renee L. said...

I know, right! I don't think I ever quite believed the old "you're eyes will stick that way" warning, but I'm glad I didn't pay any attention.