Saturday, June 13, 2009

An introduction... Jiff.
On Tuesday I saw Jiff in the little adoption center that they have at Petsmart when I was picking up parakeet food, and on Thursday I went back and brought him home.
I'll like just about any animal that I meet and will get attached to most of them very quickly given the chance, but there have been a few that I've loved almost immediately and Jiffy is one of them. He's a total sweetheart and a very good boy. He's also absolutely adorable. According to his paperwork he got the name of Jiff because when he was brought into the clinic he had a peanut butter jar stuck on his head.
I've noticed that he is very careful with his claws. He hasn't scratched me yet, even when I've played with him with my hand. He'll bat at it, but keep his claws in. I appreciate that in cats. And people.
Kitty isn't quite happy with him yet, but she's getting there. Once she's used to him I know she'll like having someone to play with again, and he definitely likes to play. The vet thinks that he's about a year old, and he still very much acts like a kitten in a lot ways. He loves to play in between the chair legs underneath the kitchen table. Jiff is a tubkitty; he thinks the (dry) bath is a great place to take a nap.

I'm absolutely sure I made the right choice when I decided to go back for him. I love my Jiffy so much, and I'm pretty sure that he's very happy too.


Paul Kuliniewicz said...

My family back home has a cat about that age. Last time I visited, it left me death threats. At least, that's how I interpret the collection of upturned cat toys littering the hallway outside my bedroom door that suddenly appeared overnight. I'm pretty sure she was saying, "this mess out here would be you, if only I knew how to open the door."

Renee L. said...

I've known a couple of cats who learned to work doorknobs, so...keep watching your back. And make sure she doesn't get ahold of a set of lockpicks.