Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Tonight we had some bouts of near torrential rain along with driving winds. As the SoF had a show tonight I rushed home from work, scarfed down some dinner, changed clothes and headed out. In my hurry I left my sandwich plate on one of my ottomans. When I got back I noticed something strange; a sizable amount of water on the plate. As there was nothing around that could have produced a clear liquid out of the blue, I looked to the ceiling and sure enough, a couple of small patches looked off-color.
So yeah, my apartment leaked a little. Of note is the fact that my computer was about a foot away from the previously mentioned plate, and my camera about three inches from it. And all the water that dripped from the ceiling landed on the plate as if it were placed there for that purpose. Um, thanks Universe, I owe you one.


Ryan said...

When I read that last line I thought:

"Universe, you've done it again!" (Tobias)

Renee L. said...

Tobias, you blowhard!