Friday, December 04, 2009

A matched set...

Last night I dreamed about my current apartment for the first time, and it was pretty spot on as a match to reality. Usually when I dream about somewhere familiar I know where I am but it is fundamentally changed in some way.
I was tooling around, straightening up when Ryan dropped by for no particular reason. We talked for a while (about classes and algebra) before I happened to look out my window. There on the balcony was a small briefcase laying on its side. It had just started to spit rain and droplets of water were beading on the brown burgundy leather.
"Dude, there's luggage out there," I said to Ryan, and then popped out to take a look. There was also a full sized briefcase that I couldn't see from the window, as well as a matching portfolio. There was even a tiny leather business card holder. I grabbed a couple of the things and handed them in to Ryan before going back out to pick up the small briefcase that I saw first. Meanwhile Ryan was inspecting the large one and marveling at how nice it was.
We figured that they had been tossed off the balcony above mine, probably due to a state of anger. The last part we figured because there was a torn piece of cardboard attached with masking tape to one of the items with "Good bye!!!" written on it in black marker.
What I'm still surprised at is how much sense it made. There was a matching card case instead of a cracker press or something.

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