Saturday, August 21, 2010

Things I Wanted To Do This Summer...

1) Sleep - check
2) Work - check
3) Write (KA, Aiden, Sci-Fi shorts, begin new serial?) - *sigh* I think I've written less this summer than perhaps ever before. Or at least since I was like 13.
4) Get back up to speed with Spanish - Resounding non-check. Really laid down on this one. Could really regret that. Definitely going to look really stupid in class come Monday.
5) Prep for GREs - Sort of check. And hey, I applied and got a 50% fee reduction for when I do take them. So yay.
6) Decide where my life should go from here - Nope.
7) Read (6+ books) - Double check. Read 14 books and am close to finishing 2 more.
8) Practice guitar - Not so much.
9) Play with cats/teach Jif to walk on a leash - check. Not to the point where Jif is heeling or anything, but he's well on the way.
10) Horticult - check. I nurtured many more plants than I killed. And my Japanese Maple seedling is like 6 inches tall now and seems to be doing well. So huzzah.


luckeyfrog said...

I count 6.5 out of 10. Not bad!

Lots of my summer goals went unfinished too. In fact, I managed to lose the Summer To Do list, so I think that counts for at LEAST one negative check.

If you need someone to talk through any of that big life stuff with, let me know. I also have TWO episodes of Project Runway, so we can have at least 3 hours of girl time.

Anonymous said...

I never even wrote a list of summer goals in the first place, so negative two checks for me.

Anonymous said...

I heard some one say the other day that they now keep two lists: To Do and Too Late.
mean old mammy