Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old Man Man man cave...

So the other day I went to reset a password to an online account and I found out that what previously qualified as a very strong password is now only moderately strong. Allow me to wax nostalgic. When I set up my first Yahoo account back in the day, they required a four character password. Four. Ah the innocence of those times. So cute.
There's a car commercial (I think Ford) that's all like "We were making hybrids back when Facebook was run out of a dorm room." And I'm thinking, really? That wasn't that long ago... In real time that is. In internet time it's practically forever.
The internet has changed my life in many good ways. Honestly I don't know how people managed to do research before the dawning of the computer age (Answer: long and arduously), but it does have its down sides. I haven't written a real letter to anyone for like...a year. I love mail. I have always loved mail. I love stationary, and pens, and stamps, and writing boxes, and getting stuff that I wasn't really expecting. I've never had seals and sealing wax, but I want them. In short, I just love mail, and it makes me sad to see it going out of style.

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Ryan said...

I wrote some genuine letters my freshman and sophomore years, but since then I really haven't at all.

Real mail is awesome.