Wednesday, August 30, 2006

And time goes on...

Well things are still going pretty good at Purdue.
The calculus homework for today was harder for me then I'd gotten used to. Oh you want the reason do you? It's because it had to do with integrals. Yup, integrals. Apparently I've forgotten everything I learned in calc 1, the simplest stuff was stumping me.
In other news, T. Rex has saved me from a horrifically ghastly death by a cocktail of MATLAB and despondency. In the throes of despair I called upon him for assistance and he came through like the tragically heroic aerospace engineer he is!
Tomorrow is the ballroom club callout which I shall be attending if at all possible, and Friday is the Fools callout which I most definitely will be attending. If my foresight is even in the tiniest bit correct that is also the night I shall be setting out on my return journey home for the glorious and highly celebrated Labor Day weekend. During which I shall be laboring...on calculus. I shall also pack and bring back a few sketching supplies. Speaking of sketching, I'd like to share with ya'll a couple of sketches I did the a couple weeks before coming back to school. The first is a horse and is entitled "Untitled". The second is of my lil' bro Shiloh and is entitled "Untitled". And since it won't let me add them to the page below this post you will find both "Untitled" and "Untitled" in the next post up.

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Ryan said...

Tragic? Yes.

Heroic? Not so much. I just pointed you to the book. Make friends with MATLAB however you can, though- even if you have to do it ilicit favors. It'll be worth it.