Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Jailhouse Rock...

...OK, so most of you who know me will have heard me jest at least once about how collectively insane my family is. Those who know me a little bit better will also know that I am actually fairly serious when mentioning this. Before totally losing myself in the telling of this wondrous tale, let me give you a bit of history:

My mom divorced my dad. Not to much later my dad imported a brand new bride (Emmee) from the Philippines (they met via internet). On Christmas Eve of last year (yes, 2005) a child was born. Let me tell you something, it's kinda strange to have a new little half-brother that you will never get to know because you can't stand being around your father (do I sound bitter?). OK, that's enough history.

I just got a call from my mom and it turns out that my dad spent a night in jail. Yup, in jail. Apparently dad tried to choke Emmee and she called the police. He's got a trial coming up in a couple of days and there was a restraining order against him, but somebody posted bail and mom said that he was back at home today.
Dad was always violently tempered and abusive in many ways, but not physically. This is a new high for him.
My main worry at the time is that either Emmee will stay with him and end up getting hurt worse, or will decide to take the baby and return to the Philippines in which case my little brother Shiloh will be heart broken. He loves Emmee, but the baby is his absolute pride and joy.
Most of my family, though crazy as hatters, are fairly harmless...I thought...I still like to think...
It's interesting to note that I am now in the league of people with relatives who could be on Cops.
And you wonder why I'm strange...

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