Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beautiful Desolation...

He hands me a flower. A daffodil. The nymph of spring. I can't keep playing my part in this charade. Is there a time when you have to be true to yourself at the cost of forsaking others? Does he know that this is a farce? Does he know that this has to end? Does he know that life is too short to waste?
He hands me a flower. A peace offering. He knows. He is not angry. He's walked this road. He feels the same.
He hands me a flower. A remembrance. I shall not forget you. You've given me joy.
He hands me a flower...and walks away.

This picture is from www.deviantart.com. The photographer is yourworldasiseeit. I wrote what is beside it. Peace showed me the picture to try and prod some inspiration into life. I wrote what the picture made me think of. If the picture was mine I'd name it what I named this post. Beautiful Desolation. You can check out more of this artist's photography by clicking here.


Drewcifer said...

A wonderful poem, and a wonderful picture. I think the picture was called "Before You Go" or something.

luckeyfrog said...

That is a pretty sweet picture. I like a lot of them on that page, actually.

And I loved your writing. I'm not sure what to call it, but it was pretty awesome. :)

Ryan said...

I can't shake the feeling your title is influenced by your love of space exploration:


Not that that's a bad thing...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you coming into poetry!!! Free verse Rocks doesn't it! Good stuff: though, I recognized the hand as not being your own, (before reading that it wasn't suppost to be at all). But: is the speaker female? Cause I think that is definatively a male hand. The work could be interpreted either way.
PS in one dream of a score last night I met Benji, along with saving the wild acronilinguos, composing great piano fortes, going to Nan and Pap's old city apartment and nearly dying there falling off the 10 story mattress towers, or the "pit bed".

Renee L. said...

Thank you all for saying nice things. I do like nice things said to me!

Ryan: Buzz Aldrin, one of my alltime favorite heroes, never entered my conscious mind when I named this post. Now my subconscious I can't speak for. ;) I do love me some space exploration! If that's the kind of thing my "inner-being" brings out then more power to it! Analyze away Freud, analyze away. (He might have more fun with my recently aquired balls...)

Christine: I actually didn't mean for that to be any kind of poetry whatsoever. I don't know what it is. Don't look at me I just wrote the thing!
It is supposed to be a female voice, and a female holding the flower. I disagree, I think that that could be a female hand, and even if it's not, I imagined it was.

Ryan said...

Buzz Aldrin moved up on my hero list when he punched out that heckler that said the moon landing was a hoax.