Saturday, January 13, 2007

Something old, something new...

~ Jared lay on his stomach completely still; his slow ragged breathing the only sound. The world began to take on an ethereal focus. The sweet, rusty taste of blood penetrated the fog when he tried to wet his cracked lips. Mist still shrouding his half conscious mind, he felt the cool, rough concrete beneath his cheek, the rest of his body achingly hot. Somewhere in the depths of his mind logic was still functioning and he thought that maybe his fever was breaking. What time was it? What day was it? He fought silently to try and rouse himself at least enough to see if he was still in the same room. It was a losing battle. He grappled against it but the black weight pressed in again, slowly, unrelentingly dragging him down. He finally gave in and the dead silence took him over. Back to the underworld for another night. ~
~ By me.

In May there will be a group of students accompanied by a couple professors going to Egypt for 20 whole days. They'll be touring the country, viewing history from the Ancients up to modern day. They'll get to visit the Valley of the Kings. Cruise the Nile. Visit Cairo and the Great Pyramids. They'll get to go into several tombs.
I am beside myself. That would be so inconceivably awesome! It would be amazing! It would be Egypt!
It's a bit over 4 grand to go though, and even though it would be worth 3 credits that's an awful expensive 3 credits.
Am I envious? Yes, yes I am.

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