Thursday, February 01, 2007

Back during break...

...I had a dream. Like mine are most the time, it was incredibly vivid. When there is emotion in my dreams I usually wake up feeling them as strong as I would if the thing had happened in real life. That can get irritating if I can't exactly remember the dream, let me tell ya. But anyway, back to the story.
I won't tell you all about the dream. Suffice is to say at the end of it I was floating on my back in the water. My eyes were closed, I could feel the water gently lapping against the sides of my face, caressing my arms. There were no sounds to speak of but the whisper of the tiny waves. My entire attention was focused on that liquid.
And then it was gone. I have never in my life been so abruptly jerked from a dream. There was no gradual pull of consciousness. No juxtaposition of reality and specter. One moment I was in the water, the next I was completely aware that I was lying in bed on my side. I wasn't totally awake yet, but the dream was gone completely.
It was disconcerting. I didn't want to leave that other universe.

In other news this is my 100th post so, booyah.
If you learn just one thing from this blog I hope it's:
~ Never play leapfrog with a unicorn. ~


Anonymous said...

Great work! Any use of the word
juxtaposition, has my full and complete backing!

Drewcifer said...

Um. Random, but I hate it when I wake suddenly from my dreams as well.