Saturday, February 17, 2007

On the road again...

Some of you may know that this weekend was roadtrip time for the Fools. "Where'd you go?", you ask, edging to the front of your seat. Well, I'll tell ya.
We drove up to SOG's hometown Hammond to do a show for the Towle Theatre.
It rocked!
It was a real theatre. It was our own show. It was not West Lafayette. People were paying to see us.
This is what I wrote about it on the drive home:

~ We're escorted into the back and down a long hallway. Shown where our dressing rooms are. We're then pulled immediately to see the stage. We're in a theatre.
The night is ours.
He adjusts the lights to our liking.
Back downstairs for warmups. We're nervous and jumpy. We're excited and scared. It's almost time.
We stand on the stairs waiting for our entrance cue.
Run Play 5.
An eternity.
We hear laughter from the audience. My captain looks over at me, grinning. He whispers, "Klaus is here, I'd know that laugh anywhere."
We're on. ~

And that's not the half of it! It was awesome. Our audience, though initially quiet and more mature then our usual lot, gave us good energy and good suggestions. The group really acted as a team. We got a standing ovation. It was amazing.

Something else I wrote on the drive back:

~ Have I met you before?
I feel like I've known you forever. You are exactly how I expected you'd be. Can the man and the myth exist as the same being? You laugh. I love it. It isn't cheap. It's the real thing. You feel authentic. I'd trust you implicitly. You are you.
I feel honored to know you. ~

And now I must be off. Ladies.

"I hope you enjoy your foods very muchly." ~ T. Rex as Rigaldo, the effeminate German waiter

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