Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Who'd have thunk...

...that getting pied could be so much fun?

So I'll admit it. I was skeptical when I was told that the SoF were going to use a "pie fight" to get the message of healthy alternatives to drinking across to the Recess with Rowdy crowd for the Student Wellness Office. (For a full report on this and other activities of the 9th please see Benji's write up. Yes, I'm to lazy to construct a complete overview for myself.)
I will point out some highlights though.
1) Toilet racing. ("Once this baby reaches 88 mph...")
2) Having my picture taken with Purdue Pete, even though his blank plexiglass stare and little football pad clad legs creeped me out just a bit.
3) Yelling "Supplies!!!" when Peace and Cowboy came back with our shaving cream (only to have to leave again when it was discovered that a bag had been left at Wally World.)
4) And finally, the actual pie fight. Let me tell ya, if you plan on getting into a pie fight, might I suggest having a loader along? I'm serious.
You have your paper plates in one hand and your can of high quality shaving cream in the other. You have to take a moment to actually make a "pie" before you can fight with it. During this moment (and the moment during and just after you pie a comrade) you are relatively vulnerable. Chances are you are going to get one in the face at this time. When you get one in the face you really have to take a moment to at least clear your eyes, if not your nose (breathing is a plus generally.) When you've got that cleared up (no pun intended) you are ready to start flinging again. But there is a problem. You are bereft of flinging stuffs. You have to take the time to make another pie!
If you had a loader (the equivalent of a semiautomatic) you could shave (haha, now that pun was intended) off valuable seconds, thus giving you the upper pie fighting hand.
In short it was a heck of a lot more fun then I thought it would be. I can feel your doubt. Try it. Get a few friends together and have at each other for a minute or two. It's awesome.

Speaking of awesome. Please, please, for the love of all that is good and holy, read this article by the Ship of Fools own Scott "Klaus" Parker. I swear it is one of the most hilarious things I've ever read. And be sure and click on his links. Cause they may be the punchlines to jokes.

~ "Come on kid, get out of the way!"
"I warned you!" ~
~ Peace as World's Worst Zamboni Driver


Drewcifer said...

I remember that Zamboni comment, but not the context. . .

Renee L. said...

It was during a Scenes From a Hat game some while back. It may have been while Tripod was hosting...