Thursday, March 22, 2007

Who knew they talk...

~ Aiden took three rapid steps backwards and ran into a rack full of long dangling brass wind chimes, starting, what seemed to him, to be an absolutely deafening storm of clanging.
The tiny jade dragon, three inches high at the most, hopped off his wooden base and advanced to the edge of the shelf. It stared at Aiden for a moment as if trying to figure out his shock and then its mouth began moving again.
Aiden straightened and stared aghast back at the little thing. The chimes still clanged behind him, his own heart beat in his ears was doing it's level best to rival the actual thunder outside that was continually growing louder, heralding the approaching tempest. It was rather discomfiting to Aiden that, over all of that, he could still hear the voice of the dragon.
He hit the chime rack again when he realized that he was actually hearing the voice in his head.
The talking stopped once more while the dragon paused for another moment, this time with an obviously peeved look on his face.
"Are you listening?" he demanded.
Aiden wasn't sure that he should try to explain that he'd been to surprised to listen to the jade dragon. Instead he just opted to nod dumbly. He knew that in a minute he'd feel embarrassed about being so disconcerted.
And it was with this fact in mind that Aiden took a moment to regain his composure. Drawing a deep and calming breath, he took a step towards the dragon.
"Yes. Yes, I'm ready to listen." ~
~ From my world

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