Friday, March 23, 2007

They say that...

...time flies when you're having fun.
Now fun isn't exactly the word I'd use for the entire past year, but it certainly has gone quickly.
Yes, you guessed it. Or maybe not. But regardless, today marks the first birthday of this very web journal. I'm tired so this won't be long.
A lot has changed in the past year. Most things change so slowly that you don't really notice them. I was talking to my old friend Kim over break. Would I have imagined that this is where I'd be, and that I'd done the things that I have, back when we spent every evening mucking out stalls and carrying water together? No. Not in my wildest dreams. The future rarely turns out how I plan it. And I'm grateful for that.
Thank you to everyone (and I assume if you're reading this you know me in some way) who has been a part of my year. It may not have all been fun, but I'd most certainly say that the good times outweighed the bad.
Here's to the future!

And the moral dear children, those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't.


Ryan said...

Whoa. Your BLOG has a birthday?

sister said...

Yes not only that Ryan, but her pets ALL have b-days and if (as is usually the case) the actual date of their arrive on Planet Earth is unknown, a "surrigate b-day" is decided, and celebrated accordingly. AlSO the anniversaries of the animals arrival to Renee is likewise occationed, generally with her baking up something the animal in question will love, but is generally intolerable to humans. Did I mention she used to decorate, paper hats and the like? Renee loves tradition, and celebration, and that is just one more reason to love the zaney, deep, and fun, puddle that is Renee!