Saturday, March 03, 2007

I reached a conclusion today...

...Yes, yes I did. I'm sure you want to hear about it.
I've decided that I definitely want to have a mid-life crisis. You see, a woman in mid-life crisis might be expected to get morose and re-evaluate her life choices and relationships and accomplishments and stuff. A man might buy himself a sports car. That's definitely the direction I want to go with this.
"What prompted this conclusion?" You are no doubt asking yourself. Well I'll tell ya. I was staring out of the window and thinking about Stu's deliciously awesome car and that's when it came to me. The idea sprang into my mind fully formed (possibly out of the forehead of Zeus). Much like my funeral plans did that one time I was in the shower.
The things I won't think about when I should be writing a term paper!
So that's the plan people. Mid-life crisis here I come! But first I need to finish that term paper...

~ "I like how you grabbed my butt to get me in position." ~ Peace
~ "I'd grab your butt to get you into position any day, if you know what I mean." ~ Kamikaze


Ryan said...

First, "That's definitely the direction I want to go with this" is slightly ambiguous to me- did you mean the former or the latter? Both?

Also, please keep in mind that often, a mid life crisis is a serious and damaging affair for both sexes. Men often suffer depression and doubt- the stereotype is to buy a car.

Renee L. said...

I've no problem with sterotypes my Captain. As long as they're not pointed at me. And even a lot of the times when they are.
I didn't mean that a crisis at any point in your life should be ignored. Goodness knows I've played a supporting role in a couple myself.
What I did mean to do was make fun of the sterotype and express my intentions of buying a sports car, which is also the direction I wanted to go with it.
I like to think that no part of my life has been/will be all that damaging to my psyche/well being. I highly value resilience and the can-do attitude.
Everyone knows that you'd have to be insane to actually want a mid-life crisis. So I can understand your confusion since I'm the one that said it...