Tuesday, April 24, 2007

As Oscar Wilde wrote...

..."I never travel without my diary. One should always have something sensational to read on the train."
Last night when I couldn't sleep I flipped to the very front of my journal (this one started, completely by coincidence, on the first of the year) and began reading through it. First off I was surprised to find that I have a few scenes, a couple of them quite short, that I had forgotten about writing but actually have some, in my opinion, quite good lines in them. Hopefully some time in the near future, now that they have been brought to my attention, I will tweak a few of them into a final draft and post them on here.
Something that I have wondered about is what will become of my journals once I kick the bucket, should they still be in existence. They are not exactly something that I would want just any Tom, Dick or Larry perusing, but I believe that I would like someone to read them. I think we all want to leave a legacy right? Hopefully that won't be the extent of mine, but you know, just in case.
I don't know that they will mean anything to anyone else, but I do hope that they will be treated like what they are, a window into my mind. I also hope that my writing is by now good enough that when someone reads the entries they will hear my voice.
A thought is quite a sacred thing at times.

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luckeyfrog said...

My grandpa left behind a war journal from his time in WWII. I read through most of it, even though it was hard to read, because it was sooo cool. I'd never gotten a chance to even meet him, so it was a way to almost get to know him a little. :)