Thursday, October 18, 2007

An announcement...

As most of you will know, I have always been the admirer of the ongoing story. So I've decided to try making one. Allow me to introduce you to:

Knowing Andrew

As of this moment in time the plan is for the story to be updated twice a week, every Monday and Friday. The first chapter is already up, and you may recognize it as a stand alone scene that I posted here not terribly long ago. The second chapter will be added the 19th. For now I am counting this as a month long trial. If, after a month, I feel that it is too much added to my current regime of Aiden, then it will be discontinued, hopefully not permanently.

This is fairly ground breaking for me. I've never attempted anything quite like this before and I am excited. So far I am proud of the story and I like where it is going.

If I can beg a favor of you, please read it, and if you can stomach it, read the updates. If it's not so bad that you would be ashamed to do so, I personally would appreciate you telling a friend about it. You see, I have this goal. This goal to have a reader that I don't actually know/am related to. I just think that would be pretty cool.

As always, thanks to each of you for reading!

By way of a PS: Peace has recently started his own MWF ongoing story. Check it out. Definitely worth a read.

Oh, and a PSS: From now on there will be a link in my sidebar to Knowing Andrew, just so you're aware, under the other stories labels.

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