Tuesday, October 23, 2007

One of my favorite...

...sites in the autumn/winter is this one where you can make your own cyber snowflakes. I find it relaxing and fun (then I did some jobs for money...). I encourage you to give it a shot. Some of them are amazingly gorgeous. I personally have not done any that are uberspectacular, but if you click on "Find a Flake" and search for the name "Meridian" the ones that I have made will fall. If you wanted to go way back you could look for "Andromeda", the name I used in 2005. If you make some, leave a comment with the name you used so I can go and look at them too!

Hilarious and awesome.

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luckeyfrog said...

I've never seen this site before, and I love it. Thanks for sharing!

(I'm luckeyfrog!)