Thursday, October 12, 2006

I'll apologize ahead of time... those of you with delicate sensibilities.

Alrighty then, I think all ya'll know that I recently was home for October Break. Oh you didn't? Well you do now.
There were a couple of high points that I must mention.

1) I found a small piece of a (mammalian) jawbone (with three teeth still attached) packed in Tiger's hoof. At first I thought it looked like a toe, because I could only see one tooth which looked like a claw, but once I got it out and rinsed off, I recognized it for what it really was. A piece of a jawbone. With three teeth. Still attached.
I think Stu's words describe it quite well:
"Oh, it was much cuter in text!" (Referencing our IM conversation in which he pointed out to me the fact that "Tiger's bad side" is pretty much synonymous with "the bottom of Tiger's hoof". The man has a point.

2) Cleaning out my car on Sunday. "Why Renee darling, why would you have need to clean out your car?" Well, we won't go there. Whoever reads this regularly will already know why, and any poor unsuspecting strangers probably wouldn't want to know why.**

Can you believe that the semester is half over already!?! Yeah! Half over! Next week I have two midterms and an advising appointment to register for next semester's classes. How time flies when you're having fun! I'm kinda ticked right at this very moment. I've been trying to get on the course description website to figure out what classes I can take in the spring and the bleeping page won't load. Perhaps it's awash with whatever web pages become awash with.
Next week will also mark my first SoF show! Well first show as anything other then a groupie. I'm very excited. Also desperately hoping that I don't completely spaz out. (Kamikaze, ey Ryan ;)

And now from good deed corner: You know how I love sharing the love! Well today I gave kisses to three men, one of whom professed to be starving. Good deeds don't get much gooder then that! And yes, go ahead and say it, I do kiss and tell!

~ "Yeah I can leap tall buildings...with a running start...and favorable winds..." ~

**It's cause my brother threw up in it. All over it. Yeah.

I forgot the third highlight! New Washington has a flashing yellow light now! Yeah! Driving home on Friday night I saw it and was all like, "Yo homes, when was all this put in?" It was awesome.

And I just want to add that I now know how I want my remains taken care of. Before I had no preference. I was all like, "Yo homes, I'll be dead, I won't care." but just now while in the shower I was contemplating industrial car cleaning equipment and death (Oh yeah! Like you can honestly tell me that you don't think about those two things when you're showering!) and it occurred to me that I would like to be cremated and then have my ashes flown up in a plane (or even better a jet, but word on the streets is that it's harder to roll down the windows on one of those.) and then one of my poor survivors will try to dump my ashes out, but they won't go out! They'll get blown back in all over the plane, and then the plane will land on a highway and taxi into the nearest available carwash where I will be sucked up out of the upholstery by a SuperVac. I estimate that this stage will cost 1-4 dollars, depending on how well spread I am.


Anonymous said...

Do you plan on having your bones ground up? They will not decentagrade under "normal" crematory conditions, they use a glorified pasta/paper pulp mill to do the job.

Renee L. said...

Sure! If it's to big to be sucked up by a SuperVac then they'll have to do something with it. Eyes on the prize and all that.