Sunday, April 01, 2007

Friends, Other People, lend me your ears...

...Today is our day! And by "our" I mean "The Fools". It's Fools Day! April Fools Day! Don't know why they listed the month. Perhaps it was the first in what was supposed the be the gradual phasing of all months into "Fool Months". Can't imagine why it didn't catch on...

Anyway! Big news rocked the improvising world this Friday and I, as a bona fide eye witness, am here to tell you all about it.
Our own beloved Sgt. Benji "Hallway" Milanowski, under the guise of a game of 3 things, proposed to his girl Corrie "Stancey" Golando!

I am highly honored to say that I got to have a small hand in it. I was commissioned to be the person to suggest "proposing" as the last "thing".
It was much better the the old skywriter or on-the-board-at-a-ball-game ploy, I'll tell ya that! Way to be Benji. As far as we know it was the first proposal to have taken place during an SoF practice. Very exciting for the rest of us!

So congratulations Stancey and Benji! May Wepwawet and Neith turn their eyes from you and your days instead be filled with the glory of Hathor as Atum and Ra shine favorably down on you and Imhotep, Isis and Wadj-wer watch over you and help you so that you and your blessed union might uphold and indeed become the very essence of Ma'at.

The moral of the story children: Insert felicitous Egyptian deities into your everyday conversations whenever the context allows.


Benji said...

Thank you for the Egyptian well wishes.

Anonymous said...

I just found you and this is totally awesome! Thanks so much for helping Benj propose. I certainly didn't see it coming!

Renee L. said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you found me Stancey, and I'm glad I could be there for the proposal. You were my first! ;)