Sunday, November 26, 2006

Did you know the first...

...reader of this post will mark the 1000 hit on my blog? Yup. They will.
I have a Thanksgiving Break Report Post in the making, but for this pseudo anniversary or whatever the heck you'd call it I think I'd like something else. A bit of writing mayhaps? I really don' t have much in the making, but I'll give you the first thing that came to hand. Except for the very first line I don't think it's all that great, but it's what I have so here it is.

~ "Don't just stand there goggling at me like some giant stupid fish! What is it?" Snarled Jared at the young sergeant.
"Sir, the reports you asked for are ready sir."
Asked for was certainly putting a nice spin on it.
Jared stared at the kid for a minute. "Well then can you give them to me already?"
"Oh! Yes sir, I'm sorry sir." Stammered the boy, simultaneously turning a lovely shade of pink and finally remembering to extend his arm.
"Thank you!", snapped Jared, snatching the file from the lad's hand. "That will be all."
As the sergeant left the room at a pace that was meant to look business like, but actually appeared more like a panicked escape, Sam heard Jared muttering something about "darn kids" and "just out of ROTC".


Anonymous said...

Yeeee thats ME!!! What do I win? 1000 viewers in just over 9 months 2 weeks pretty good considering the number of regular viewer you have, ie they must look often and you must be advertizing well and pulling in those "surfers" who don't actually know you.

Drewcifer said...

This story is really, really intriguing. Here's to hoping we see more of it sometime soon.