Thursday, November 16, 2006

The past has shown...

...that most of my completely pointless updates are reserved for nights when I can't sleep.
I'm shaking things up this evening! The is a completely pointless post, but not because I can't sleep. Heavens no, I am in fact quite tired. But I'm writing this because I want to write something now, and come hell or high water I'm going to!
So today I stumbled across a swell mechanical pencil. Literally. I was walking to CGT lab this morning in the poring rain and went to step up on a curb and sent this pencil skittering across the pavement. In that kind of situation I'm never really sure what to do. I mean, the chances of the owner knowing where to look and actually finding it are extremely slim (had I left it there). In this case (seeing as how it was a pencil and not, oh say, a child) I kept it.
The funny thing is that I had it out in CGT, having told the story to Brian, and our TA comes around to grade our CAD assignments. I'm sitting there placidly listening to something he had to say about F-16's and radar and I suddenly come to the realization that (to my horror) I am about to place the end of the pencil (yes that's right folks, the pencil I found on the curb) into my mouth, as is my wont with my own collection of fine writing utensils.
You're all hearing it right? "Don't put that in your mouth! You don't know where it's been!"

In other news, on Wednesday the SoF all drew names for our Hidden Hanukkah Handout Happening (like Secret Santa, but Jewish). I can't say who I drew, but I will say that I already have his (ok, so you know it's not Kyle) present on the way and I think he'll be very happy with it. At least I hope so. And I'm pretty certain.
I'm also going to be hosting my first Friday practice on the 1st of December! At least as far as I know I will. Now we'll get to see just how much I've learned about timing and show planning!

To cauterize: Some quotes from our new game Inner Voices.

Attempt: First ever (and a resounding success might I add!)
Situation: Job interview

Ryan: "Do you have any salary demands?"
Benji's inner voice (Tripod): "Oh, I could make some demands!"
Ryan's inner voice (Stu): "I think you're de-mand."

So I realize that I'm not there yet, but I kinda like this moving towards being a cewebrity thing I've got goin' on. Check this out:*Log(Jamie)/082BBDC3-3485-4B4D-B329-11F7FCE15ECE.html
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