Saturday, November 18, 2006

This round's on me...

Nearly 2 AM: Coming down off the high of a great show followed by a rousing round of 1000 Blank White Cards. Being serenaded by Sinatras' "Somethin' Stupid". As the adrenalin wash wears off I'm left with a deliciously sleepy feeling, though I very much doubt that I could go to sleep just yet.

Twas a good night, a very good night. Even though my arm feels about 15 pounds heavier. Funny thing that. Gather round, I'll tell ya the story.

So one of the 10^3 BWC cards had everyone raise an arm, elbow locked. Whoever was the last to drop their arm won something...I think. I can't remember now. I was actually pleased and a bit surprised about how long I was sticking it out. And that's when Cowboy made his mistake, saying something along the lines of, "I want to quit but I can't lose to a girl!". Some of you may know that I do have a competitive streak, and I took that as a definite challenge. A few minutes later that card was rendered null and void by a different one, but Benji, Cowboy and myself kept it up cause we're crazy like that. I don't know how long we stayed like that but it was a long long time.
The point where my biceps and triceps were trembling uncontrollably had come and gone. Eventually apparently Cowboy decided that his arm was more important then his pride and dropped out. It was down to me and Benji. I really had no qualms about losing to Benji, no standing challenge there, but I decided to go for the win.
I think my favorite part of the deal was all the people asking at various stages, "Isn't your arm tired?" or "How can your arm not be tired?". Let me tell you. Tired is not the word.
In the end I lasted out Benji as well. At that point the game was ending. We did make some jokes about my driving a few people home with my arm out the window, but that turned out to be unnecessary.
So now, even though I do still have full range of motion, my shoulder/upper arm does feel strange. Heavy and dead as well as very slightly achey and very aware of the fact that there is blood flowing there. Tis interesting to say the least.
I condone it. I never thought I'd do good in a competition like that because I don't like pain very much, but you might just surprise yourself.
I do wish now that I had thought to time it...But alas, such is life.

The moral of the story children, talent may get you far, but sheer stupidity/stubbornness can do a lot as well!

Until next time, when hopefully I will be slightly more awake and have a better story to tell,
~Kamikaze, signing off.


Ryan said...

I really liked "10^3 BWC".


"The moral of the story children, talent may get you far, but sheer stupidity/stubbornness can do a lot as well!"

Sage advice that extends to academia, sometimes...

Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Renee',
Critisism(sp)? first,
I'd put the apostrophy after the s, if it's true that father/daughter Sinatra(s)? created that one .
( I have that one and about all of his stuff,)
(Certainly wish I could still hear it)
Ohh well!!

More importantly.

Nicely done,
Very Jobim-sque (sp)?
Very nice !!!!!

I love you Renee'

Anonymous said...

Just one question was it worth it?

Cowboy said...

For the record, I put my arm down because I got the drunk card, and well...let's just not talk about that