Friday, March 31, 2006

Open mouth, insert foot...

And believe it or not, that's an awkward position to dance in! So yesterday night was dance class night and for only the second time this entire semester, there were more girls then guys. This was partially remedied by the instructor dancing with someone. That's all cool and cozy. We rotate a few times and it rolls around to my turn to dance with the instructor. Still cool and cozy. Someone asks a question about how the gentleman leads (namely, with which hand) so he goes to demonstrate this with my hand on his arm. Now, being a polite sort of person that's lived her entire life in a supposedly civilized country I don't usually go about laying onto people's upper arms with death grips (maybe I should start, might be fun). So he says something like "Go ahead, hold my arm, you won't break it!" and "Gee, I didn't think I looked THAT wimpy!" Haha, so I get a decent hold of his arm and he proceeds to tell the class that the lady's thumb should be in the fissure between the deltoid and biceps brachii muscles, and then adds, looking at me, "It's easier to find on some guys then others." Finally, given something to actually look for, I feel around with my thumb, and sure enough, thar she is boys! I then say, out loud, to the small, compact class, "OH! There it is! I was looking in the wrong place before!"
Children, the moral to this story is to keep your mouth shut whenever possible!!! And when you can't, learn to laugh at yourself.

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