Friday, March 24, 2006

Today's life lesson is...

never, never, EVER leave your dorm/apartment/house/or overpass with out your little boyscout bag with all you need to survive alone in the wilderness in it! "So" you ask, edging closer, "What incident could have occurred to make you discover such a life lesson Renee?" Well I'll tell ya. Last night the PU Ballroom Dance Clubs had a little gettogether, nothing wild, some music and friends and a lot of ballroom dancing. So after almost an entire semester of lessons, I feel prepared to go to this (and make no mistake, I had a blast!) but, being of what I feel is a slightly logical bent (and not liking to carry purses) I figure that there is nothing in my purse that I would need at this shindig, and therefore leave it in my room. I finally leave the place at about 11:50 PM (way after my normal bedtime) and am walking back when I vaguely recall my roommate telling me that they locked the doors to our hall at midnight and you have to have your ID to unlock it (thinking back, it might actually be 2:00). Seeing as I have no cell phone, no nothing on me actually, I run the rest of the way and got in at about 5 til. Now in retrospect I realize that eventually somebody else would have come in or out and would have let me in, but that didn't occur to me! So children, the moral of the story is, if you are going to go get wild at some ballroom dance social bring along the purse/backpack/fannypack/survival kit. Cause you never know when you might need a pencil or a stick of gum or your ID even!

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