Sunday, March 26, 2006

What an expensive obsession...

...this little dance hobby of mine could become! Yesterday I spent a goodly portion of time looking at dance shoes on the web. Wowee, wowee, some of those things are mucho pesos! I'm going to ask our dance instructor if she has any great advice on style/location/price of a decent pair of shoes before I spend any money. I figure that what I need is something basic that I can use for ballroom practice, but also for slightly more advanced swing. I intend to join the Purdue swing club next semester as well as continuing ballroom. I don't want to break the bank book, but I want something that will be comfortable and sturdy. If I'm still this radical about it after the fall semester, and they've worn out, then I'll ask for a better pair for Christmas. Haha, I love a good backup plan! Guess I'd better start kissing up to Santa! ;)
So I found a little video tutorial on the net yesterday and gleaned (if we can pull them off) three more east coast swing moves from it. Really there's just one basic step, and then two variations on that, but they looked kinda cool, and variety is what we want!

Well, I have an upcoming Ethics exam so I'm going to hit the books, but the moral to this story children, is that...Kant rocks!!!

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