Saturday, April 08, 2006

How exciting... this? I have officially ordered dance shoes! The instructor suggested some dance sneakers. They're basically built like tennis shoes, so you get the cushioning, but they have a split soul so your foot can bend and special grips so you can still spin but you aren't sliding all over the place. They should get here some time next week.
Exciting bit of info no. 2: My mom may be coming up to see me this coming weekend! If it works then she'll come on Friday night so she can come watch the Fools with me.
Speaking of the Fools, Last night the taping of the practice went very well. The angle was great.

Some highlights to the evening include:
~ In "Moving People" one movee (Stu) and one mover (myself) both thought that the situation we were given was a Golf Convention. Turns out that it was supposed to be a Goth Convention! The scene was amazingly smooth considering that the characters were in totally different conventions!
~ In "Blind Lines" Benji declaring that the warning label on the fake ham said "You are very ugly!" thereby getting him fired from his job reennacting "Braveheart".
~ Benji's Clinton impression in "Three Things" using only mime and gibberish.
~ SOG's (Alex) invention of the "paper attracting magnet" during workshop!
~ In "The Clap", (as Shakeel and myself steal the scene from Alex and Benji) I open with, "Look, I have no problem with lighting things on fire,'s your mom!" At which point the scene was stolen from us by Cowboy and Stu.

A good time was had by all!

And so children, the moral of the story is that if you want to take up improv, be prepared to sever all ties with any family members you might have.

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